Google buys stake in BlackRock’s Taiwan solar unit

  • Google has a stake in Taiwan Green Energy and plans to buy up to 300 megawatts of renewable energy, reducing its carbon emissions.
  • The move will strengthen Google’s presence in Taiwan, build its environmental image and promote industry cooperation.

Google’s goal is to consistently use carbon-free energy wherever it operates. However, the industry’s growing demand for data processing capabilities to power AI has led to a significant rise in carbon emissions. Regions such as Asia Pacific may be more difficult to decarbonise due to infrastructure constraints and the ability of business users to purchase green electricity.
–Zora Lin, BTW reporter

What happened

Google has taken a stake in Taiwan Green Energy and may buy up to 300 megawatts of renewable energy from the Blackrock-owned company to help it reduce its carbon emissions and those of its suppliers.

Amanda Peterson Corio, Google’s global head of data center energy, says Taiwan is a major site for Google’s cloud technology, with data centers and corporate offices, but still relies on fossil fuels to generate nearly 85 percent of its electricity. The goal of this investment is to really support the establishment of a large-scale solar pipeline in Taiwan.

Both Google and BlackRock declines to specify the size of the NGP stake, but Corio says it expected the investment to drive equity and debt financing for the construction of its 1 gigawatt (GW) pipeline.

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Why it’s important

Google’s investment in renewable energy projects is Google’s practical action to fulfill its social responsibility and promote global sustainable development. Google Cloud technology’s Taiwan site relies heavily on fossil fuels for power supply, and this investment will help promote the development of Taiwan’s renewable energy industry and accelerate the transformation of the energy mix.

By investing in New Green Energy, Google will not only gain more resources and experience in the field of renewable energy, but also further consolidate its business position in Taiwan and enhance its market competitiveness.

At present, the global climate change problem is becoming increasingly serious, Google’s investment in renewable energy projects will help enhance its environmental image in the eyes of the public, encourage more companies and organizations to join the ranks of renewable energy, and jointly promote the green transformation of the energy industry.


Zora Lin

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