Mesh partners with Italian crypto wallet Conio

  • Mesh will provide customers of Italian digital asset wallet Conio with access to several leading cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Mesh’s collaboration with Conio enhances user convenience and asset security, driving innovation in fintech.

Through its partnership with Conio, Mesh is deploying the infrastructure to deliver secure and seamless aggregated and encrypted transmissions to hundreds of thousands of digital wallet users in the region. Currently Conio only offers custodial services for digital assets such as Bitcoin.
–Zora Lin, BTW reporter

What happened

U.S. fintech firm Mesh, whose investors include PayPal Ventures, says Monday that it will provide customers of Italian digital asset wallet Conio with access to several leading cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance or Coinbase.

The two companies say the partnership will give Conio’s 430,000 Italian customers access to 10 leading cryptocurrency trading platforms through the Conio app. Customers will be able to immediately transfer any Bitcoin they buy on the exchange to their Conio wallet without having to scan a QR code or go through other measures as is currently the case.

By using open banking technology that allows the sharing of financial data, a single Mesh account can authenticate users to more than 300 centralised cryptocurrency exchanges and self-custodian wallets.

Conio has developed a system to keep users’ crypto assets safe even if the company itself ceases to exist, says Orlando Merone, Conio’s general manager.

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Why it’s important

The collaboration between Mesh and Conio allows Conio customers free access to multiple trading platforms, a seamless integration that greatly improves user experience and convenience by allowing users to complete transactions without having to switch between multiple applications and platforms, saving users time and improving the security of asset transfers.

Mesh accounts, which can authenticate users to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and self-custodian wallets, show the great potential and application of open banking technology in the field of fintech, and also provide new ideas for future financial services innovation.

Conio’s system ensures the security of users’ crypto assets even if the company does not exist, showing the importance Conio attaches to the security of users’ assets, helping to attract more users, expand the application scenario of crypto wallets, and promote the development of the cryptocurrency market.


Zora Lin

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