Apple Watch Series 10 may get an Ultra-sized screen

  • The Apple Watch Series 10 is set to debut with a 2-inch display, rivalling the Apple Watch Ultra’s screen size.
  • The Apple Watch Series 10 and Apple Watch Ultra 3 are expected to receive a performance boost courtesy of more powerful processors.

Uncertainty lingers over whether the imminent watch will bear an anniversary edition” label or if Apple reserves this for a more impactful release next year. Considering the Apple Watch’s 2014 unveiling and 2015 market entry, Apple might choose to celebrate this year or debut a truly momentous model in 2025, marking a decade of wearable tech leadership.
-Vicky Wu, BTW reporter

What happened

Apple is set to unveil the Apple Watch Series 10 with a larger display, a more streamlined design, and faster processing speed, delivering a refined wearable technology experience.

Bloomberg’s technology expert Mark Gurman, revealed that the forthcoming Apple Watch Series 10 – codenamed N217 and N218 – is poised to break new ground with an enlarged screen size. Notably, one variant is expected to closely rival the large display of the Apple Watch Ultra, boasting an impressive 2-inch screen area – a significant leap from the current 1.93-inch standard. This development is supported by recently surfaced schematics, lending credence to the anticipated display enhancement. Furthermore, Gurman suggests that the Series 10 will adopt a sleeker profile, whilst retaining the cherished design features that define the Apple Watch’s identity.

Moreover, both the Apple Watch Series 10 and its premium counterpart, the Apple Watch Ultra 3, are anticipated to receive a performance boost thanks to more powerful processors. Gurman speculated that this enhanced computational capacity could pave the way for future AI integrations, although he noted that Apple does not currently plan to fully incorporate its comprehensive suite of AI capabilities into the Apple Watch ecosystem.

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Why it’s important

Apple, a beacon of innovation, often commemorates significant product milestones with grand unveilings. A decade ago, as the iPhone approached its tenth year, the company orchestrated a seismic shift in the mobile landscape with the introduction of the iPhone X—a moniker derived from the Roman numeral for ten, symbolising a decade of progress. This device, with its pioneering bezel-less, full-screen design, set a new benchmark for smartphones, solidifying Apple’s reputation for pushing the boundaries of technology.

Contrarily, the iPod’s tenth anniversary in 2011 went relatively unnoticed by the company, reflecting its diminished market presence and shifting consumer interests. Fast forward to 2020, the iPad’s tenth year coincided with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of a lavish event, Apple chose a low-key celebration, focusing on minor upgrades to the iPad Pro. This modest approach mirrored the sombre global climate, where attention was rightfully diverted to managing the unprecedented health crisis.

Through these instances, Apple’s response to product anniversaries reveals both its strategic marketing acumen and sensitivity to broader societal contexts.


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