Apple launches a new Windows app removing iTunes from PCs

  • Apple TV, Apple Music and Apple Devices, along with a revamped Windows app called iCloud, are designed to wean Windows users off iTunes.
  • Microsoft has been working with Apple to develop these applications, even in the week that welcomed their release.

Apple has officially unveiled its Apple TV, Apple Music, and Apple Devices apps on Windows.The apps were initially released as previews last year, but after partnering with Microsoft to launch the apps, Apple has now removed the preview label.

Windows users get rid of their dependence on iTunes

According to MacRumors, Apple TV, Apple Music, and Apple Devices, combined with a revamped iCloud Windows app, are designed to wean Windows users off iTunes.If you use Apple TV, Music and Apple Apple Devices, then iTunes can onl access Windows podcasts and audiobooks.

In addition to purchasing songs and albums, the Apple Music app provides access to the iTunes library. Apple TV also allows Windows users to watch movies and TV shows from their iTunes library, as well as subscribe to streaming content.Apple devices allow PC users to back up or restore their iphones and ipads and sync content to those devices.

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Close cooperation

Microsoft has been working with apple to develop these applications, even in the week have welcomed their release. Microsoft has also previously integrated iCloud Photos into Windows, enabling the iCloud Photos library to link directly into Windows 11’s built-in photos app.

Apple’s new Windows applications are only available on traditional PCS running ×86-based Windows 10 or Windows 11, there’s no sign yet of an ARM64 edition for Qualcomm powered Windows devices.


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