Top tech stories today: February 14, 2024

1. Mark Zuckerberg reviews Apple Vision Pro and Quest 3

Mark Zuckerberg reviews Apple’s Vision Pro and Quest 3, sharing insights on their features and functionalities. The article discusses Zuckerberg’s perspective on these products and their potential impact on the tech industry. The Verge

2. Waymo recalls self-driving cars after crash due to software issue

Waymo recalls self-driving cars following a crash caused by a software malfunction. The article examines the incident and its implications for the development and safety of autonomous vehicle technology. TechCrunch

3. Rhysida ransomware decrypted, offering relief to affected victims

Decryption tool for Rhysida ransomware provides relief for victims affected by the malware. The article discusses the decryption process and its significance in cybersecurity efforts against ransomware attacks. The Register

4. TikTok, Taylor Swift, and Universal Music Group: A complex legal battle explained

Analysis of the legal battle between TikTok, Taylor Swift, and Universal Music Group. The article explores the complexities of copyright law and digital platforms, shedding light on the ongoing dispute and its implications. Vox

5. Why you shouldn’t walk around wearing Apple Vision Pro

Article advising against wearing Apple’s Vision Pro in public spaces. It discusses concerns about privacy, social acceptance, and potential implications of wearing augmented reality glasses in various settings. CNET

6. Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash workers plan strike over gig economy conditions

Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash workers announce a strike to protest against gig economy conditions. The article discusses the reasons behind the strike and its potential impact on the broader debate surrounding labor rights in the gig economy. Mashable

7. ChatGPT evolves with human-like memory, advancing towards general AI

ChatGPT integrates human-like memory capabilities, marking progress towards general artificial intelligence. The article explores the implications of this advancement and its significance in the development of AI technologies. TechRadar

8. Intuitive Machines aims for first commercial moon landing

Intuitive Machines pursues the first commercial moon landing, aiming to advance space exploration. The article discusses the company’s objectives and the significance of commercial lunar missions in space technology development. Engadget

9. Faroe Islands hosts world’s biggest tidal energy kite

Faroe Islands introduces the world’s largest tidal energy kite, enhancing renewable energy initiatives. The article explores the technology behind the project and its potential to harness tidal power for sustainable energy production. The Next Web

10. The internet hack that could save everything: Section 230

Discussion on the significance of Section 230 in safeguarding the internet. The article examines the role of Section 230 in protecting online platforms and fostering free speech, highlighting its importance amid debates over internet regulation. Wired

11. Big Tech’s watermarking plans offer hope amid privacy concerns

Analysis of Big Tech’s watermarking initiatives and their potential benefits for privacy and security. The article discusses how watermarking technologies could enhance data protection and mitigate privacy risks associated with online content. Technology Review


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James Durston is the Editor-in-Chief for Blue Tech Wave, and a former editor and journalist for some of the world's biggest international media organisations.

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