Tesla Accelerates Full Self-Driving Campaign with Pre-Installed FSD Beta  

Tesla has already started shipping models with FSD Beta pre-installed. This means that FSD users can experience FSD functionality immediately upon receiving their cars, without needing to request a test or wait for an update to download.

Vehicle owners who purchase a new FSD or transfer FSD from another vehicle to a new car can also try it right away without any waiting period. If you choose to purchase FSD after taking delivery of the car, you can also receive a free refund within 48 hours, with a price tag of $12,000.

Towards a Fully Autonomous Future  

Previously, users who bought FSD had to download a software update to install the FSD Beta. The tedious process often took several weeks. However, this has all changed: Tesla aims to achieve full autonomy in 2023– a lofty goal mentioned by CEO Elon Musk during the Q1 2023 Earnings Call in April.

Musk also mentioned the upcoming release of FSD v12, which will no longer be in beta and will feature significant feature tweaks. In August, Musk live-streamed his experience using FSD v12 on a Tesla Model X as the car autonomously navigated him around Palo Alto, California.

Attempts to Accommodate Customers  

The news of pre-installed FSD comes on the last day of Tesla’s temporary offer. It allows customers to transfer FSD from their old vehicle to a different new one, provided they pick it up by September 30. However, there have been reports suggesting that Tesla might grant a grace period for users who place orders before this date and offer an extension service to those who make an honest effort to take delivery before the end of the month.Tesla’s FSD technology has racked up high expectations for the realization of autonomous driving. Through continuous technological innovation and updates, Tesla is steadily progressing towards achieving full autonomous driving. Their efforts are providing users with a safer and more convenient travel experience. As autonomous driving technology continues to evolve, it is reasonable to believe that it will revolutionize transportation and bring substantial changes to the future of mobility.


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