16 AI automation tools that increase your productivity

  • AI automation tools like Descript, Synthesia, and Opus Clip revolutionise audio and video editing, simplifying tasks like transcription, video generation, and repurposing content for various platforms.
  • Platforms such as Factors.ai and Clay AI empower sales and marketing teams with advanced analytics, data enrichment, and AI-driven outreach, enhancing customer targeting and engagement.
  • Tools like Fathom AI, Fireflies.ai, and Rewatch AI streamline meetings and scheduling through the automation of documentation, transcription, summarisation, and content management, improving productivity and collaboration.

Using AI automation tools correctly can significantly improve work efficiency and bring convenience to users. This blog will introduce several AI automation tools from the perspectives of audio and video editing, sales and marketing, meetings and scheduling, workflow automation, and customer support, showcasing their important roles in enhancing efficiency, simplifying workflows, and optimising customer experience.

Audio and video editing

1. Descript

Descript is a powerful audio and video editing tool that utilises advanced artificial intelligence technology to simplify the editing process. One of its core features is transcription, automatically converting language from audio and video files into text, greatly facilitating content editing and search work.

2. Screen.studio AI

Screen.studio AI is an AI-powered video production and editing tool designed to provide a simple, fast, and efficient platform for creating and editing video content. It is particularly suitable for users who need to create tutorials, demonstrations, or any form of screen recording videos.

3. Riverside AI

Riverside AI focuses on audio and video recording and production, with a core selling point of providing high-quality recording and video capabilities. It simplifies post-production editing and production processes significantly through AI technology.

4. Synthesia

Synthesia is a cloud-based AI video generation platform that can create professional-quality videos without the need for cameras, microphones, or studios. It is particularly useful for creating training and marketing videos, utilising AI avatars, customisable video templates, and support for multilingual voiceovers in over 130 languages. Users can input or paste text to generate videos, which are then converted into realistic avatar demonstrations with natural voiceovers.

5. Opus Clip

Opus Clip is a generative AI video repurposing tool that converts long videos into short clips suitable for social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels.

Video editing

Sales and marketing

6. Factors.ai

Factors.ai is a comprehensive B2B platform aimed at enhancing marketing and sales efforts by providing account intelligence, analysis, and attribution tools. It helps businesses identify high-intent customers and interact with them by leveraging data from various sources, including website interactions, CRM systems, and platforms like LinkedIn and G2.

7. Clay AI

Clay AI is a multifunctional platform designed to simplify outbound activities and enhance relationship management through advanced data enrichment and AI-driven outreach capabilities. It integrates with over 50 data sources to automate the collection and organisation of contact information, making it easier for teams to interact effectively with target audiences.

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Meetings and scheduling

8. Fathom AI

Fathom AI is a comprehensive AI-driven tool that enhances productivity by automating meeting documentation processes. It offers recording, transcription, and summarisation features, allowing users to focus more on conversations rather than note-taking. Fathom supports multiple platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, making it adaptable to different meeting environments.

9. Fireflies.ai

Fireflies.ai automates recording, transcription, and provides summaries of meeting content using AI technology, helping users efficiently manage and analyse conversation content. It integrates with multiple meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, automatically recording meetings, converting conversations into text, and extracting important information and tasks through intelligent algorithms, significantly improving work efficiency and meeting management quality.

10. Rewatch AI

Rewatch AI is a video conference content management and analysis tool designed for enterprises. It helps companies organise, search, and reuse video content from meetings through AI technology. This tool addresses issues of inefficient information sharing and communication within organisations, particularly suitable for remote work and multi-location collaboration environments. By intelligently managing video content, Rewatch AI maximises the value of meetings and training videos, enhancing organisational learning capabilities and operational efficiency.

11. Otter.ai

Otter.ai is a powerful real-time transcription and meeting notes tool that uses AI technology to convert speech into text, aiming to improve work and learning efficiency. It supports real-time transcription of meetings, lectures, interviews, and provides features like speech recognition, intelligent summaries, and key phrase extraction.

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Workflow automation

12. Zapier

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects over 6000 different applications, automating almost all types of workflows, from simple tasks like saving email attachments to cloud storage services to complex business processes like automatically updating CRM system data. It utilises natural language processing (NLP) technology and integrates AI services like OpenAI’s GPT model to analyse and understand natural language inputs, automatically generating responses or executing tasks. Additionally, it can leverage AI for image recognition and processing, automatically identifying image content and storing related data, extracting useful information from unstructured data and categorising or formatting it for use in subsequent steps. Moreover, based on user usage patterns and needs, Zapier can intelligently suggest automation workflows, helping users discover new automation opportunities.

13. Make

Make is an automation tool that can be used without a programming background, integrating various AI features to help users create and optimise workflows. It can quickly summarise long emails, generate personalised messages, convert text content into audio files, perform image analysis, and create complex AI automation workflows without writing code. It supports multiple AI services to meet different business needs and provides a template library for accessing pre-made scenario templates, facilitating quick start-up and saving time.

Customer support

14. SupportAgent.ai

SupportAgent.ai is an AI platform designed for customer support and service teams, aiming to improve the quality and efficiency of customer service. It can automatically respond to common questions, reduce manual intervention, intelligently classify and route customer queries for faster responses, provide real-time chat support to solve immediate customer issues, and offer personalised product recommendations and sales suggestions based on customer history and preferences, increasing sales opportunities.

15. Intercom AI

Intercom AI is a powerful and flexible customer support and interaction platform that significantly improves enterprise customer service quality and efficiency. It uses AI and machine learning technology to automate customer support tasks, including responding to common questions, classifying and routing customer queries, providing real-time chatbot handling of customer chat requests, and offering personalised interactions and support based on customer historical data and behaviour patterns. Additionally, it provides robust data analytics tools to optimise customer support strategies.

16. Siena CX

Siena CX is a customer experience management tool that helps businesses optimise customer service and sales processes. It offers customer relationship management, customer feedback management, and sales pipeline management features, allowing businesses to centralise customer information, collect and analyse customer feedback, track sales opportunities, and manage sales processes. It supports multi-channel interactions, provides a consistent customer experience, and offers rich reporting and analytics capabilities to help businesses understand customer behaviour and trends.


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