Top tech stories today: February 15, 2024

  1. Apple Vision Pro early adopters report high return rates

    Early adopters of Apple’s Vision Pro report high return rates, citing various issues with the augmented reality glasses. The article discusses customer feedback and potential implications for Apple’s AR ambitions. The Verge

  2. Alibaba faces challenges in new retail landscape

    Alibaba confronts challenges in adapting to the evolving new retail environment. The article analyzes Alibaba’s strategies and the competitive dynamics reshaping the retail industry in China and beyond. TechCrunch

  3. Damn Small Linux returns, reviving interest in lightweight distros

    Revival of Damn Small Linux sparks renewed interest in lightweight Linux distributions. The article explores the history of DSL and its significance in the context of modern computing trends. The Register

  4. 404 Media Podcast Week 25: Open Source Search Engine Stract & Paradox.AI

    404 Media Podcast discusses the Open Source Search Engine Stract and Paradox.AI. The episode delves into the features and implications of these technologies for the future of search and artificial intelligence. 404 Media

  5. TikTok faces scrutiny over health misinformation

    TikTok faces criticism for spreading health misinformation. The article examines the platform’s efforts to combat false information and the challenges of addressing misinformation in the context of user-generated content. Vox

  6. Should employers pay for internet for remote workers?

    Discussion on whether employers should cover internet costs for remote workers. The article explores the evolving dynamics of remote work and the responsibilities of employers in supporting employees’ home office needs. CNET

  7. Deepfakes and their impact on children

    Article examines the implications of deepfakes on children’s online safety and privacy. It discusses the risks associated with the proliferation of deepfake technology and its potential impact on children’s digital experiences. Mashable

  8. RTX 4070 Super GPU drops below MSRP

    Nvidia’s RTX 4070 Super GPU becomes available below MSRP. The article discusses the pricing dynamics and availability of Nvidia’s new graphics card, offering insights for prospective buyers in the GPU market. TechRadar

  9. United Airlines grounds Airbus A321neo fleet over antiquated no-smoking sign law

    United Airlines grounds its Airbus A321neo fleet due to an antiquated no-smoking sign law. The article examines the regulatory issue and its impact on airline operations, highlighting the challenges of compliance with outdated regulations. Engadget

  10. AI girlfriends raise concerns about data privacy

    Article discusses the rise of AI girlfriends and their implications for data privacy. It explores the ethical considerations surrounding the use of romantic chatbots and their potential impact on personal relationships. The Next Web

  11. Marina Hadjipateras and the transformation of the shipping industry

    Profile of Marina Hadjipateras and her efforts to transform the shipping industry. The article examines Hadjipateras’s innovative approaches to sustainability and digitalization in maritime logistics. Wired

  12. Google AI maps methane leaks using satellite data

    Google AI maps methane leaks using satellite imagery and machine learning algorithms. The article discusses the potential of AI-driven methane detection to advance environmental monitoring and mitigate climate change. Technology Review


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James Durston is the Editor-in-Chief for Blue Tech Wave, and a former editor and journalist for some of the world's biggest international media organisations.

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