Tesla Cybertruck finally arrives 4 years late, price double expectations

The Cybertruck's unique design and performance impressed worldwide, but its higher-than-expected price brought disappointment.


What are IP addresses and why they are important?

Exploring the vital role and classifications of IP addresses, from IPv4 to IPv6, in network communication and internet connectivity.

AI Health Robotics Technology

How AI and Machine Learning revolutionised the beauty industry

From skin analysis to facial recognition, here are some of the 21st century ways we can discover new beauty treatments.

AI AR/VR Technology

How has technology changed vampires? From bloodthirsty creatures of horror to paragons of sensuality

Technology's influence spans the evolution of the vampire's portrayal from horror to sensuality, printing press era to the digital age.


5 top tech stories this week: November 30, 2023

Including: Randy Bush honoured at RIPE 87 and F1 has ventured into AI-Powered enforcement to revolutionise track control.

Finance Policy

RIPE 87: ‘Something needs to change’ – ‘chief frugal officer’ describes a problematic future

RIPE has a tricky few years ahead as income reduces and inflation rises, and high-risk countries continue to delay fee payments.

Finance Technology Trends

Google launches first pioneering geothermal venture in Nevada

Google's first geothermal project in Nevada, in partnership with Fervo Energy, is a key milestone in providing clean energy to data centers.