Le Reve uses TallyPay QR Code: Facilitating account management in Bangladesh

  • Fashion brand Le Reve has partnered with innovative digital financial services TallyPay to provide qr code payment services in Bangladesh.
  • Tallykhata has apps for accounting and payments that have been used regularly by about 1 million merchants.
  • Tallykhata is working to accelerate the vision of a “cashless Bangladesh” by increasing the use of digital payments.

The fierce competition for cashless payments is everywhere, both online and offline. The development trend of cashless payment is actually to cater to the needs of young people. At the same time, the continuous innovation of payment methods will also improve the convenience of customers’ consumption life. The most important thing for payment is to be customer-centric and customer-experience-oriented. In the future, we also hope that customers’ transactions will be more transparent and pay attention to protecting customers’ data security.
—-Fei Wang, BTW Reporter

Forging new partnerships

Fashion trend brand Le Reve has signed an agreement with innovative digital financial services pioneer TallyPay to scale up cashless transactions in its home country. It is reported that TallyPay will provide QR code payment service in all Le Reve showrooms across the country.

More than 10 million customers of 34 banks and various MFS firms can now pay for purchases by scanning a single super QR code instead of cash. Le Reve is a leading fashion brand in Bangladesh and is synonymous with stylish, relaxed style. Le Reve offers value fashion for men, women, teens and children, designing personalized accessories and lifestyle products inspired by global fashion trends. Offering quality fashion through online shopping, Le Reve has become one of the most popular online shopping destinations in Bangladesh.

Mannujan Nargis, Chief Executive Officer and Tally Chief Executive Officer Dr. Shahadat Khan signed the agreement on his own behalf. Rezaul Hasan, Group CEO, Reve Systems; Rashedul Islam, Head of accounts, Le Reve; Awlad Hossain, Head of Growth and Marketing, TallyPay; Saud Bin, Head of Enterprise BusinessJahan and other officials attended the activity. ​​​​​

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Commenting on the new partnership, Mannujan Nargis said: “Our customers can use TallyPay QR codes to make digital payments easily and securely. We will constantly strive to improve the quality of customer service and build a cashless society.”

Dr Shahadat Khan said: “We are delighted to partner with a brand like Le Reve to enable cashless shopping via QR code payment. We are working to implement Cashless Bangladesh by increasing the use of digital payments in the country’s retail sector.”

QR payment solution

The new feature added by Pragati Systems Limited to digital financial service providers TallyPay and Talikhata is the QR payment solution, which is based on the unique “Bangla QR” standard introduced by the Bank of Bangladesh for digital payments. TallyPay Enterprise solutions for large merchants and multi-outlet merchants. Tallykhata Small Businesses, on the other hand, have the Tallykhata app for accounting and payments, which is already used regularly by about 1 million merchants.

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The implementation of the agreement not only facilitates Le Reve’s offline customer transactions, but also facilitates transaction management, monitoring and end-of-day reconciliation by the company’s finance department.

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About Tallykhata

Tallykhata is the leading digital platform for small businesses and shops in Bangladesh. A very simple application, merchants are using the Tallykhata app to track daily sales and accept digital payments from customers via QR codes. It is the largest platform for Msmes in Bangladesh with over 1 million monthly users. Tallykhata is dedicated to helping small businesses in the country keep accurate accounts, increase sales through digital payments, and grow their business through loans. Bangladesh is a growing economy with 170 million people and 12 million small businesses. Tallykhata is determined to play a role in the development of millions of businessmen and their families in the country.


Fei Wang

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