Beiersdorf streamlines ocean shipping with Transporeon

  • Beiersdorf AG partners with Transporeon to transform transport operations through an end-to-end ocean booking and shipment management system.
  • Transporeon’s platform integrates carriers and custom brokers, streamlining communication and workflow efficiency, while digitizing key documentation.
  • This collaboration enhances shipment execution, optimizes global workflows, and achieves significant time and cost savings, aligning with Beiersdorf’s strategic goal of supply chain digitization.

Beiersdorf AG has partnered with Transporeon, a Trimble Company, to transform its transport operations through an end-to-end ocean booking and shipment management system – Transporeon’s Transportation Management Platform. This innovative solution streamlines global collaboration among multiple stakeholders, eliminating errors, conserving resources, and resolving IT system compatibility issues.

Transporeon’s Transportation Management Platform

Transporeon’s platform integrates carriers, custom brokers, and other key players in real-time, facilitating transparent communication and workflow efficiency. When Beiersdorf initiates container booking details, the data seamlessly integrates into a connected workflow visible throughout the transport chain. This automation simplifies manual processes such as booking requests, confirmations, and document handling, regardless of differing IT systems among carriers and authorities.

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By digitizing key documentation and ensuring interoperability, the platform enhances shipment execution and optimizes global workflows, resulting in significant time and cost savings for all involved parties.

Beiersdorf’s Transport Control Centre has long utilized Transporeon to manage its European transport network, ensuring efficient movement of goods while prioritizing customer satisfaction. Expanding this partnership, Beiersdorf now leverages Transporeon’s platform for its entire global sea freight execution.

Malte Schulz, Beiersdorf’s VP of Supply Chain EU & NA, notes, “Collaborating with Transporeon aligns with our strategic goal of supply chain digitization. By implementing a control tower for global transport management, we have expanded our service scope, achieving remarkable results.”

Philipp Pfister, Transporeon’s Chief Customer Experience Officer, expresses pride in the longstanding partnership, highlighting Beiersdorf’s commitment to logistics excellence. He emphasizes the significance of the end-to-end platform in advancing ocean booking management and enhancing overall efficiency.

About Trimble

Trimble Inc. is an American software, hardware, and services technology company. Trimble supports global industries in building & construction, agriculture, geospatial, natural resources and utilities, governments, transportation and others. Trimble also does hardware development of global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receivers, scanners, total stations, laser rangefinders, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), inertial navigation systems and software processing tools.

About Transporeon

At Transporeon, a Trimble Company, the mission revolves around synchronizing transportation on a global scale. Facilitating the largest global freight network, with over 1,400 shippers and retailers, and more than 150,000 carriers and logistics service providers, the platform manages over 110,000 transports and 100,000 dock appointments daily. Annually, around €55 billion in freight traverses through the system.

Their premier transportation management platform connects all stakeholders across the supply chain, fostering collaboration, automating manual processes, and offering real-time insights. Modular Application Hubs address specific logistics challenges, from freight sourcing to transport execution, dock and yard management, and freight audit and payment. Data hubs provide valuable insights into logistics operations, market trends, carbon emissions, and supply chain transparency. Operating globally across all transportation modes, the platform empowers logistics teams to efficiently move, manage, and monitor freight.

About Beiersdorf

Beiersdorf company movie

Beiersdorf has been synonymous with innovative, premium skincare products and skin research for over 140 years. Internationally acclaimed brands like NIVEA, the leading skincare brand globally*, Eucerin (dermocosmetics), La Prairie (luxury cosmetics), and Hansaplast (plasters and wound care) are cherished by millions worldwide. Other renowned brands such as Aquaphor, Coppertone, Chantecaille, Labello, 8×4, atrix, Hidrofugal, Maestro, and Florena complement the extensive portfolio in the Consumer Business Segment. Additionally, through its wholly-owned subsidiary tesa SE, Beiersdorf is a world leader in manufacturing technical adhesive tapes, providing self-adhesive solutions to industries, craftsmen, and consumers.


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