Arista’s CV UNO: AI-enhanced universal network observability

  • Arista Networks introduces CloudVision Universal Network Observability (CV UNO) platform for enhanced enterprise network management and performance optimization.
  • CV UNO integrates vast network telemetry and analytical data with AI and machine learning technologies to provide real-time insights, proactive risk analysis, and incident management.
  • The platform, scheduled for release in the second quarter, offers proactive network issue management, comprehensive network component discovery, and advanced analytics capabilities for root cause analysis and issue resolution.

Arista has introduced a new network observability platform aimed at enhancing enterprise network management, problem resolution, and root cause analysis to optimize application performance.

Named CloudVision Universal Network Observability (CV UNO), the platform integrates vast amounts of network telemetry and analytical data with AI and machine learning technologies to provide real-time insights into network flow, application performance, risk analysis, and incident management.

Scheduled for release in the second quarter as part of Arista’s CloudVision as-a-service offering, CV UNO will serve as a licensed premium component.

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“In the intricate dance of troubleshooting network, workload, application, and user issues, the goal is clear but daunting: prevent changes that would cause outages and cut down the time it takes to prove the network isn’t the culprit,” wrote Douglas Gourlay, vice president and general manager at Arista, in a blog about the CV UNO platform.

“That’s where CV UNO comes in, because we’ve built a system that addresses risk analysis and impact analysis, that shifts from reactive to proactive. So, hopefully, you find a problem before it’s created,” Gourlay said. “And then when you need to be able to defend yourself and say it is or is not the network’s fault, CV UNO will give you accurate and informed root cause analysis based on the data that shows exactly where a problem is.”

Gourlay emphasized the platform’s proactive approach to addressing network issues, shifting from reactive to proactive management.

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Once turned on, CV UNO can discover all the networked components in the enterprise, including applications, hosts, and workloads across various platforms, IT systems of record, and inventory management systems, according to Praful Bhaidasna, product management leader at Arista.

CV UNO utilizes a software-based sensor to gather, standardize, and organize flow/Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) data from diverse sources like VMware vCenter, DANZ Monitoring Fabric, and third-party network devices, along with specific MAC and IP addresses.

This data is transmitted and stored within Arista’s Network Data Lake (NetDL), a component of CloudVision. NetDL aggregates historical network and system data from various Arista and third-party systems, aiding in the analysis of past issues and threats.

CV UNO then constructs an application-to-network graph on CloudVision’s central monitor, continuously updating it and storing it in time series to illustrate the environment’s historical evolution and state at any given time.

CV UNO harnesses machine learning and AI technologies to analyze data and identify correlations among events, changes, and anomalies, thereby expediting root cause analysis and issue resolution.

It provides customers with insights into transaction endpoints, spanning from users to virtual machines, based on application and user identity, enabling accurate identification of network segmentation or application-related problems.

Additionally, the system evaluates the potential impact of network or host system changes before implementation, allowing users to anticipate effects such as shutting down specific ports on routers or switches.

It’s amazing to me that it’s taken 25 years for this industry to figure out that when somebody is making a destructive change to the network, they might want to know what that change is going to impact before it goes out. And it’s almost laughable, but it’s excessively true.

Douglas Gourlay, vice president and general manager at Arista

Gourlay expresses surprise and incredulity that it has taken the industry 25 years to realize the importance of understanding the potential impact of changes made to a network before implementing them. Gourlay finds it somewhat amusing that this fundamental aspect of network management took so long to be recognized and addressed.

Network observability – A hot topic in the industry

Network observability tools are in high demand as networks become more complex. According to IDC, these tools aid in managing connectivity requirements, enhancing network integrity, and contributing to various IT domains, including security and cloud operations. They are essential for ensuring overall digital business success.

About Arista

Arista Networks stands at the forefront of data-driven networking solutions for diverse environments including large data centers, campuses, and routing setups. Established in 2008 by Andy Bechtolsheim, Ken Duda, and David Cheriton, Arista is spearheaded by CEO Jayshree Ullal. Renowned for its advanced platforms, Arista emphasizes availability, agility, automation, analytics, and security. The company’s leadership, boasting extensive experience in networking and innovation, has earned global recognition. Arista went public in June 2014 and is listed on the NYSE (ANET), serving over 9,000 cloud customers worldwide.


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