JPNAP, JPIX, and BBIX to build IXPs at AT TOKYO CC3

  • JPNAP, JPIX, and BBIX to set up Internet Exchange Points at AT TOKYO Chuo Center #3 in Japan, boosting network connectivity.
  • CC3 as network hub: Positioned to be Japan’s new network hub, providing stable internet connections amid rising demand due to cloud adoption and remote work.
  • AT TOKYO aims to enhance its role as a premier urban data centre provider by partnering with key IX providers, ensuring superior service quality and global connectivity for customers.

JPNAP (IX service of Internet Multifeed Co.), JPIX, and BBIX are set to establish Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) at AT TOKYO Chuo Center #3 (CC3) and commence services from October 2024. CC3 is poised to emerge as Japan’s new network hub.

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AT TOKYO Corporation, along with Internet Multifeed Co., Japan Internet Xing Co., Ltd. (JPIX), and BBIX, Inc., will set up their respective IXPs at AT TOKYO Chuo Center #3 (CC3), currently under construction.

Service for each company’s exchange point is scheduled for rollout beginning October 2024, with further details to follow from each company at a later date.

The exponential growth of internet traffic, driven by cloud adoption for enterprise systems and remote working, underscores the critical need for stable internet connections. CC3’s collaboration with Multifeed, JPIX, and BBIX aims to provide a stable internet connection environment, positioning CC3 as a pivotal network hub in Japan.

Over the years, AT TOKYO has served numerous network operators domestically and internationally. The establishment of exchange points by these three IX providers at CC3, coupled with the newly established Trans-Tokyo Port Cable, connecting them to the Toyosu/Ariake area, will bolster CC3’s role as a platform supporting Tokyo’s advanced technology sector and global finance presence.

Through partnerships with Multifeed, JPIX, and BBIX via CC3, AT TOKYO will enhance its role as Japan’s premier urban network data centre provider. This initiative not only ensures robust infrastructure and operations but also delivers superior service quality and convenience to customers in Japan and abroad.


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