The 5 biggest EV charging companies

  • The fastest electric car on the track is nothing without a charging infrastructure to drive it, and that’s where innovation meets impatience.
  • In smart cities around the world, the demand for efficient and convenient charging solutions is high, and drivers want to switch to sustainable transportation without having to sacrifice their schedules.
  • We list the top five EV charging companies in the world, with these statistics last updated on April 16, 2024.

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), the demand for charging stations is also increasing.

This creates opportunities for companies to enter the market, helps provide charging points where they are needed, and encourages further adoption of electric vehicles. With the world’s top EV charger manufacturers offering a variety of models, including residential and commercial chargers, with different power outputs, socket and cable variants, and deployment configurations, the role of these manufacturers in providing reliable and efficient charging solutions will become increasingly important in the future.

However, with so many EV charging station manufacturers, determining which charging device supplies to choose from can be challenging. Here are five of the world’s top electric vehicle and charging station manufacturers to help you better understand and differentiate the different EV charging stations on the market.

1. Tesla

Market value: $494.17 billion

Country/region: USA

If asked to name an electric car company, many people will say “Tesla” first. For some, it may be the only electric car company they know because of its ambitious and sometimes controversial CEO.

Tesla was found in 2003 with the goal of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. It has become the most dominant company in the electric vehicle market, with a market share of about 20% of BEVs sold worldwide in 2023.

Tesla’s bases in the United States, Germany and China have produced many of its best-selling electric vehicles, including the Model Y and the Model 3, the first electric car to sell more than 1 million units worldwide. In 2025, production of Tesla’s latest next-generation electric vehicle will begin at its Texas plant.

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2. ChargePoint

Market value: $640 million

Country/region: USA

ChargePoint, an electrical equipment manufacturer, has been working to build a stronger electric vehicle industry since 2007. It is dedicated to electric vehicle charging technology and only offers electric vehicle charging – enabling ChargePoint to offer drivers the best electric refueling experience.

Andre ten Bloemendal, Senior Vice President, ChargePoint Europe, said: “ChargePoint is pleased to offer company car drivers, most of whom are new to electric vehicles, a hassle-free driving experience, starting with the installation of home chargers.

In addition to households, 74 percent of Fortune 50 companies are customers of ChargePoint, which has won a slew of awards for its technology.

In a partnership program with BMW and Volkswagen, ChargePoint is one of 16 beacon events selected to build fast-charging corridors along U.S. coasts.

3. EVgo

Market value: $560 million

Country/region: USA

EVgo’s mission is to accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles by creating a convenient, reliable, and affordable EV charging network that provides fast charging for all. EVgo has more than 900 fast-charging stations in more than 60 metropolitan areas, with nearly 140 million Americans living within 10 miles of an EVgo charger.

EVgo also works with utilities, government agencies, automakers, site hosts, fleets and other stakeholders to accelerate the electrification of transportation.

The company offers a plan Finder tool, which is a great resource to help drivers choose what’s right for them, their commute, and their vehicle.

4. ADS-TEC Energy

Market value: $520 million

Country: Ireland

ADS-TEC Energy has been developing and producing platform solutions based on battery storage for over a decade.

ADS-TEC Energy’s goal is to make ultra-fast charging available to as many EV drivers as possible. For residents of apartment buildings, using ChargeBox to charge in just a few minutes will become as common as air conditioning. At the same time, in urban centers where space is limited, ChargeBox offers ultra-fast charging even on a power-limited network.

“With this solution, we are advancing electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the United States and doing our part to encourage more people to choose electric vehicles,” said Thomas Speidel.

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5. Wallbox

Market value: $290 million

Country/region: Spain

Wallbox hopes to change the way energy is used in the electric vehicle industry by creating smart charging systems that combine innovative technology with great design. This manages communication between vehicles, power grids, buildings and electric vehicle chargers – all connected via the myWallbox app. Wallbox has sold more than 370,000 chargers in 113 countries.

Wallbox recently partnered with Tibber, a European smart energy provider and dynamic energy tariff provider. Enric Asuncion, CEO of Wallbox, said: “Integrating Wallbox into Tibber’s energy management platform will help democratize energy and accelerate the transition to electric vehicles. “Electric vehicles are a huge energy resource and adopting home energy management systems (HEMS) along with home EV charging can save users significant money and help make their energy use more sustainable.”


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