Amazon expands cashier-less ‘Just Walk Out’ technology

  • Amazon on Wednesday plans to push its cashierless shopping technology into more third-party stores this year.
  • The online retailer said about 140 stores use the system, Amazon will more than double that number this year.
  • Amazon says “Just Walk Out” will rely on “smart” shopping carts that record users’ purchases charge them when they leave the shop and send them a digital receipt.

Amazon is setting more than double the number of third-party shops using its cashier-less technology known as Just Walk Out. The technology allows consumers to scan an app and walk out of the shop without having to go to a cashier to pay. Currently, 140 shops are using the technology.

Cashier-less ‘Just Walk Out‘ technology

“Just Walk Out” technology allows customers to shop for items in a store without the need to check out at a traditional cashier or self-checkout station. 

Instead, customers simply grab the items they want and leave the store, with the cost automatically deducted from their Amazon account.  

Cameras and sensors track what customers take from the shelves, and the system uses machine learning algorithms to accurately charge customers for their purchases.  

Amazon is expanding its “Just Walk Out” technology to third-party shops, such as Hudson News shops at sports stadiums and airports, while at the same time, it plans to roll out the technology from its own existing Fresh grocery shops.

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Some problems with Just Walk Out

“Just Walk Out“ has been plagued by a variety of issues, including customers confused about how it works, missing items, and delays in sending receipts that sometimes take hours or even days.

Earlier this month, Amazon cut hundreds of jobs in its physical retail team, one of a series of layoffs over the past few months.


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