Self-driving buses transport tennis fans at Roland-Garros

  • Tennis fans at the French Open experience WeRide’s autonomous bus service.
  • WeRide partners with Renault Group to introduce Level 4 shuttle for European markets.
  • The Robobus ferries fans to and from Roland-Garros, showcasing the future of transport.

While the idea of self-driving buses at the French Open sounds futuristic, it’s also rife with potential risks. Entrusting autonomous vehicles with public transportation raises concerns about safety and reliability, especially in crowded spaces like a major sporting event. The reliance on technology leaves little room for human intervention in case of emergencies, raising questions about accountability. Additionally, the introduction of self-driving buses could lead to job losses for traditional bus drivers, further exacerbating unemployment issues. Overall, while the concept is intriguing, it’s essential to proceed with caution and address these challenges before widespread implementation.

Dudu, BTW Reporter

At this year’s French Open, spectators not only enjoy thrilling matches but also experience an innovative transportation method as Chinese autonomous driving company WeRide and French automaker Renault Group unveil an advanced self-driving bus service.

Innovative transport at the French Open

Tennis enthusiasts at the prestigious French Open are experiencing a glimpse into the future of transportation, courtesy of WeRide and Renault Group. The introduction of a cutting-edge Level 4 autonomous shuttle not only showcases advancements in self-driving technology but also hints at its potential widespread adoption across Europe.

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WeRide’s European expansion

The collaboration between WeRide, a leading Chinese autonomous driving company, and Renault Group marks a significant milestone in WeRide’s expansion strategy into Europe. The debut of the Robobus shuttle at Roland-Garros demonstrates WeRide’s commitment to offering sustainable and efficient mobility options on a global scale.

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The Robobus experience at Roland-Garros

Throughout the tournament, the WeRide Robobus has been seamlessly ferrying fans between a nearby parking lot and the Roland-Garros stadium, showcasing the efficiency and reliability of autonomous transport solutions. Renault Group’s strategic shift towards public transport solutions underscores its dedication to embracing autonomous driving technology and addressing the evolving needs of urban mobility.


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