Baidu’s upgraded AI model hits 300 million users

  • Chinese search engine giant Baidu has released upgraded AI model Ernie 4.0 Turbo to maintain its position in China’s AI market.
  • New model will be available to the public by web and mobile app, and developers can integrate the technology through Baidu’s Qianfan AI platform.

On the basis of the basic large model, Baidu further develops the agent mechanism, including understanding, planning and reflection, can achieve reliable execution, self-evolution, “let the machine think and act like a human”, and can call tools to complete complex tasks independently, continuous learning in the environment to achieve autonomous evolution.
–Zora Lin, BTW reporter

What happened

Baidu officially releases an upgraded AI model Ernie 4.0 Turbo on June 28, and says that Ernie 4 can be comparable to OpenAl‘s GPT-4. Wang Haifeng, Baidu chief technology officer, says that the cumulative user scale of Ernie has reached 300 million, the number of daily calls has reached 500 million. 

Enterprise users can log in to Baidu Intelligent Cloud Qianfan large model platform to use API services. According to user surveys, Ernie 4.0 Turbo is faster and more effective. The average daily number of questions raised by users using Ernie has increased by 78%, the average length of questions has increased by 89%.

Wang Haifeng points out that AI based on deep learning and large model engineering platform, including algorithms, data, models, tools, etc., has a very strong versatility, and has the characteristics of standardization, modularity and automation, to promote AI into the industrial production stage, general artificial intelligence will accelerate the arrival.

Baidu also announces an upgrade to its PaddlePaddle AI ecosystem, which currently supports 14.65 million developers and serves 370,000 enterprises and institutions.

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Why it’s important

OpenAI has announced last week that it would block Chinese access to its API from July 9, affecting many Chinese startups using OpenAI technology. Taking Baidu as an example, the domestic head manufacturers have upgraded the main model and provided free migration services for affected users, which is the pursuit of large model capabilities and the strategic layout of future competitiveness.

“The upgrade of Baidu’s multiple products marks another important breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence, and these technologies not only enhance Baidu’s core competitiveness, but also set a new benchmark for the entire industry.” Iimedia Consulting CEO Zhang Yi says. The significant improvement in the understanding, generation, logic, and memory capabilities of Ernie will promote the development of AI applications to a wider and deeper field.

Upgrading the model can significantly improve the ability of language understanding, knowledge questioning, logical reasoning, etc., to meet the growing market demand.


Zora Lin

Zora Lin is an intern news reporter at Blue Tech Wave specialising in Products and AI. She graduated from Chang’an University. Send tips to

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