Amazon Launches AI Tool to Write Product Listings for Sellers

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Amazon has just launched the Generative Listing Content tool that prompts sellers to provide a few keywords or brief sentences describing their product. The AI tool was introduced during the annual Amazon Accelerate conference in Seattle.

It can do more than just writing: It also swiftly generates a comprehensive set of content elements, including product titles, bullet points, and detailed descriptions. Sellers can utilize this tool for creating new listings or refining existing ones.

Helping Sellers Thrive

Mary Beth Westmoreland, Amazon’s Vice President of Worldwide Selling Partner Experience, underscored Amazon’s commitment to AI-driven seller support. The tool’s goal is to make it easier for sellers to create listings and thrive in Amazon’s competitive third-party marketplace, a cornerstone of Amazon’s e-commerce operations since its inception in 2000.

Sellers have previously leveraged OpenAI’s ChatGPT for listing products and generating engaging titles. Amazon has also applied AI to summarize customer reviews for specific products. Amazon’s CEO, Andy Jassy, has expressed the company’s intention to integrate AI across various operations.

Generative AI As a Mainstay in Various Operations

While Amazon hasn’t ventured into chatbot development, it’s diligently applying generative AI to enhance its retail and devices divisions. Moreover, Amazon offers a generative AI service called Bedrock, tailored to Amazon Web Services customers.

Amazon’s Generative Listing Content puts them in the lead for AI-driven innovation, particularly in e-commerce. Sellers can look into easier posting with this tool. Meanwhile, it could also mean an improved shopping experience for Amazon’s customers.


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