Does Apple’s M3 chip represent the upgrade everyone is hoping for?

  • Apple’s upcoming M3-powered products are hugely anticipated, but is it really a major upgrade or just a clever sales boost?
  • Spring 2024 lineup raises expectations, but questions remain.

Apple‘s spring 2024 lineup has been boosted by its M3 chips in the new iPads and MacBook Air models. Rumoured improvements such as OLED displays and better accessories are attracting attention, but questions remain about their impact and whether they will maintain Apple’s reputation for innovation.

According to Bloomberg chief correspondent, Mark Gurman, the tech giant appears to be gearing up to launch new iPad and MacBook Air models in the spring of 2024 with the highly anticipated Apple M3 chip.

Some revealed Apple upgrades using the M3 chip

First on the list are the new iPads, particularly the 12.9-inch iPad Air. Apple has decided to skip the M2 chip and move straight to the M3 chip. The iPad Air, being a mid-range model, has never been powered by an M2 chip. While the move to the M3 sounds intriguing, it begs the question of whether the move is motivated by a desire for real technological advancement or simply a marketing ploy to revive iPad sales.

Gurman also revealed that the iPad Pro could feature an OLED display. This could be one of the biggest upgrades to the iPad Pro for a while, and the OLED display could lead to better contrast and colours, which could be great for professional photo editors and artists. But for most light users, who’s going to carry around a “big camera” that’s almost 13 inches to take pictures?

There are also rumours that Apple will offer a more durable, aluminium-framed Magic Keyboard and improvements to the Apple Pencil, but there are no further details on the update at the moment.While any improvements are welcome, some have consistently argued that the iPad’s limitations are largely software and multitasking related, and it’s still an open question whether the aforementioned updates will be enough to revolutionise the creative user experience for those looking for a complete computing experience.

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Will the M3 chip satisfy user queries?

Speaking of the MacBook Air, the new 2024 version could switch to the M3 chip. There could also be a system upgrade for MacBook users on the older M1 version. We don’t have any other information at the moment. While the M3 chip may offer better performance and efficiency, it may not be the game-changing leap that some users were hoping for.

Apple’s reputation for innovation means that expectations are high, and its user base always expects more ground-breaking upgrades, not just incremental improvements designed to boost sales. Whether Apple can live up to these expectations with its upcoming releases remains to be seen. Only time will tell if Apple’s decisions will stand the test of time as the technology landscape continues to evolve.


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