Top tech stories today: April 5, 2024

Tech News Summaries

Blockchain and cryptocurrency

Binance launches Saga on its Launchpool

Binance introduces Saga on its Launchpool, a decentralized financial platform offering users a new way to participate in the blockchain ecosystem through tokenized assets. (Source: Blockchain News)

Ripple to launch US dollar stablecoin

Ripple announces plans to launch a US dollar stablecoin, aiming to provide stability and liquidity to users within its blockchain network, potentially expanding its use cases. (Source: CNBC)

Cloud Computing and Infrastructure

South Africa to investigate Microsoft over cloud computing licensing practices

South Africa launches an investigation into Microsoft’s cloud computing licensing practices, responding to concerns about potential anti-competitive behavior in the digital market. (Source: Channel News Asia)

nLIGHTen acquires 7 data centres from Exa Infrastructure

nLIGHTen expands its data center portfolio by acquiring seven facilities from Exa Infrastructure, aiming to strengthen its presence and capabilities in the data storage and management sector. (Source: Capacity Media)

RETN launches DDoS mitigation platform, boosting scrubbing capacity

RETN unveils a new DDoS mitigation platform, enhancing its scrubbing capacity to address the increasing cyber threats and safeguard network infrastructure for its clients. (Source: IT Brief)

Market Trends and business developments

Global markets witness fluctuations in market cap

Global markets experience fluctuations in market capitalization, reflecting uncertainties and shifts in investor sentiment amid evolving economic conditions and geopolitical factors. (Source: Reuters)

Spotify announces new plans and prices

Spotify introduces changes to its subscription plans and prices, offering users more flexibility and options for accessing its music streaming service, as part of its strategy to enhance user experience. (Source: Bloomberg)

Artificial intelligence and tech innovations

Meta introduces AI-powered features to Instagram

Meta unveils AI-powered image generator for Instagram, enabling users to generate images with diverse Asian race representations, enhancing inclusivity and diversity on the platform. (Source: The Verge)

Now you can edit DALL-E images in ChatGPT

Users can now edit DALL-E images directly in ChatGPT across web, iOS, and Android platforms, expanding creative possibilities and interactions with AI-generated content. (Source: Business Standard)

Meta collaborates with Ray-Ban for AI-powered smart glasses

Meta partners with Ray-Ban to launch AI-powered smart glasses, integrating augmented reality features to provide users with immersive experiences and enhanced functionality. (Source: The Verge)

Nvidia and Indosat plan $200 million AI center investment in Indonesia

Nvidia and Indosat announce plans to invest $200 million in establishing an AI center in Indonesia, aiming to foster technological innovation and talent development in the region. (Source: TradingView)


James Durston

James Durston is the Editor-in-Chief for Blue Tech Wave, and a former editor and journalist for some of the world's biggest international media organisations.

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