Google launches AI-driven NotebookLM for enhanced note-taking

  • Google launches AI-driven NotebookLM, offering real-time suggestions and note-to-document conversion.
  • NotebookLM caters to users, emphasising dynamic organisation, creativity, and learning support, with ongoing AI refinement based on user feedback.

Google has officially launched its experimental artificial intelligence (AI) notebook application, NotebookLM, in the United States. This innovative platform, initially introduced as “Project Tailwind” at the I/O developer conference in May, has undergone significant enhancements, now boasting additional features powered by Google’s Gemini Pro AI model.

NotebookLM is tailored to individuals seeking a space for thoughtful contemplation, providing a seamless way to organize thoughts, whether during a leisurely walk or over a cup of coffee. The application facilitates the integration of ideas from various sources into a cohesive and expressive form.


“Google’s AI-powered note-taking app is the messy beginning of something great.”

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Versatile capabilities and new features

The latest version of NotebookLM introduces over ten new features, making it a comprehensive tool suitable for learners, creative thinkers, and individuals engaged in various cognitive activities. Despite its “experimental” label, Google remains committed to refining and optimizing the application based on user feedback.

A standout feature of NotebookLM is its ability to convert notes into various document formats. Users can select a set of notes, and the application automatically suggests formats such as outlines or study guides. Additionally, users have the flexibility to convert notes into chosen formats like emails, script outlines, and newsletters.

NotebookLM’s capabilities extend beyond traditional summarisation, now providing real-time suggestions based on user interactions within the app. During note-taking, the AI may offer tools to refine prose or recommend related ideas from existing materials, enhancing the overall user experience.

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Convenient features and expanded limitations

Other notable features include saving useful replies as notes, easy note sharing, and the ability to focus the AI on selected data sources during conversations. Google has also expanded some limitations, allowing users to include up to 20 sources in a notebook, each accommodating a maximum of 200,000 words.


With NotebookLM now accessible to all users aged 18 and above in the United States, Google aims to provide an innovative solution for individuals seeking a dynamic platform for organising thoughts, fostering creativity, and streamlining the learning process.

As the application continues its experimental phase, users can anticipate further refinements and improvements based on user engagement and feedback. Google’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI-driven note-taking positions NotebookLM as a promising tool for the future.

The launch of NotebookLM represents a noteworthy development in the realm of AI-powered applications, offering users a glimpse into a future where technology seamlessly integrates into our cognitive processes, fostering creativity, and enhancing productivity. However, vigilance in refining AI capabilities and respecting user preferences will be crucial as these tools become more integral to our daily lives.


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