South Korea boosts chip sector with $7 billion support

  • The South Korean government’s semiconductor investment plan aims to enhance the global competitiveness of the domestic semiconductor industry and improve capabilities in chip manufacturing and research.
  • The initiative concentrates industry resources through the construction of semiconductor clusters, fostering technological innovation and collaboration, enhancing production efficiency, and attracting investment and top talents.
  • The South Korean government views the semiconductor industry as crucial to the national economy and technological security, seeking to boost national competitiveness and ensure sustained economic growth through support for the sector.

South Korea is launching a $7 billion support package to boost its semiconductor industry, targeting materials, equipment makers, and fabless companies. This initiative includes policy loans and a new fund, aiming to strengthen its position in the global chip market.

Chip industry boost

South Korea announces a comprehensive $7 billion support package for its semiconductor industry. The plan primarily aims to enhance research and development in chip materials and technologies. By funding both state and private financial institutions, this initiative promises to bolster the capacities of domestic chip manufacturers, equipment makers, and fabless companies. As the global demand for semiconductors continues to soar, South Korea’s strategic investment not only aims to fortify its technological infrastructure but also to secure a competitive edge in the international chip market.

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Mega chip cluster

South Korea is constructing what it claims to be the world’s largest high-tech semiconductor cluster in Yongin, south of Seoul. This project is part of a broader effort by the government to dominate the semiconductor industry, marked by massive investments in infrastructure and incentives for local and foreign companies. The cluster aims to create a synergistic ecosystem that will drive innovation and streamline the production of semiconductors. As the industry faces global supply chain challenges, South Korea’s mega chip cluster could play a pivotal role in stabilising supply and advancing technological capabilities.


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