Top tech news stories today: May 8, 2024

From Binance’s clash with Nigerian authorities and Amazon’s $9 billion cloud expansion in Singapore, to Meta’s new AI features for advertising—dive in to stay informed.


1. Nigeria sets dangerous precedent by detaining Binance execs, CEO says

Binance CEO Richard Teng criticised Nigeria for detaining company executives invited for policy discussions, setting a troubling precedent for global business practices. The detentions are part of broader allegations against Binance, including tax evasion and money laundering, which the company disputes. (Reuters)

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2. Amazon to spend nearly $9 bln to expand cloud infra in Singapore

Amazon Web Services plans to invest nearly $9 billion in Singapore over the next five years, expanding its cloud infrastructure. This investment, enhancing AWS’ data centre capabilities in the Asia Pacific, builds on its $8 billion investment since its 2010 regional launch in Singapore. (Reuters)

3. CMC Networks launches Cloud platform across Africa

CMC Networks has introduced CMC Cloud, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) designed to boost edge computing across Africa. CMC Cloud aims to simplify cloud adoption, supporting Africa’s growing digital economy with a scalable, cost-efficient infrastructure. (Capacity)

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4. Amazon launches online shopping service in South Africa

Amazon has launched its online shopping platform in South Africa, entering a market poised for e-commerce growth post-pandemic. With features like same-day delivery and a focus on both local and international brands, aims to capitalise on increased online shopping and compete with established players like (Economic Times)

5. Microsoft hit with Spanish startups’ complaint about cloud practices

The Spanish Startup Association has lodged a complaint against Microsoft with Spain’s antitrust regulator, accusing the tech giant of anti-competitive practices in cloud computing. Citing barriers to data portability and restrictive software licensing, the association seeks an investigation to ensure fair competition and innovation within the startup ecosystem. (Reuters)


6. OpenAI to launch tool to detect images created by DALL-E 3

OpenAI is introducing a tool to detect AI-generated images from its DALL-E 3 generator, boasting a 98% accuracy rate in tests. The initiative, amid concerns over AI’s role in elections, includes watermarking to trace media origins and a collaboration with tech giants for setting standards in media authenticity. (Reuters)

7. Apple unveils new AI-focused chip in upgraded iPad Pro

Apple launched its new iPad Pro with an advanced AI-capable M4 chip, positioning it as a development platform ahead of its software conference. While the move is atypical for Apple, it reflects a strategic push to enable developers to create AI applications, amidst a backdrop of Apple playing catch-up in the AI race. (Nikkei Asia)

8. Meta to expand AI image generation offerings for ads

Meta platforms has unveiled new AI-driven features for its advertising platforms, enabling advertisers to create and modify campaign content automatically. These capabilities, aimed at enhancing ad creation and customisation, are part of Meta’s broader push into generative AI, potentially boosting advertising revenues and reaffirming its commitment to evolving its core revenue streams. (Investopedia)


9. Aircards partners with Bandit Wines to launch AR connected pack experience

Bandit Wines has introduced an AR experience in collaboration with Aircards and Snap, enhancing their exploration-themed branding. By scanning a QR code on their wine cartons, consumers can embark on virtual tours of America’s national parks, directly through their web browsers, enriching the wine-drinking experience with interactive adventure.


10. CALM launched: IoT-powered alert system for building owners

Albireo Energy has launched CALM, an IoT-based notification service that integrates with building automation systems to monitor critical systems 24/7. Using cloud technology, it alerts owners and teams via text, phone, and email about system faults, enhancing risk management and continuity planning. This service is designed to prevent minor issues from escalating into major crises. (IoTNow)


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