Instagram’s Threads Won’t Rival X in Breaking News, Mosseri Clarifies

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Instagram head Adam Mosseri has dispelled hopes that Threads would become a news powerhouse, addressing concerns that it might challenge X in the breaking news arena. Despite the buzz surrounding Threads’ launch, it seems the platform won’t be prioritizing news as its central focus.

News Won’t be a Priority on the Platform

In a recent post on Threads, Mosseri emphasized that the platform is not anti-news, and news content is already present. Users can share news and follow accounts dedicated to news, but the platform won’t actively amplify news.

Mosseri cited concerns about the platform’s maturity, potential over-promising, and high stakes as reasons for this decision.

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During an Instagram creator event, Mosseri highlighted their desire to empower creators without leaning too heavily into news content. He noted that they are not against news but aim to avoid overcommitting and underdelivering, drawing on their past experiences with Facebook.

Musk Rallies Citizen Journalists

On the other side of the spectrum, Elon Musk has been actively encouraging citizen journalism on X, advocating for more live video and on-the-ground reporting by regular individuals.

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Without Threads becoming a significant player in breaking news, it remains to be seen how it will differentiate itself from Meta’s existing platforms, and whether it can attract disillusioned X users.


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