OneQode x LetsPlay.Live: Groundbreaking CS2 tournament kicks off

  • OneQode has partnered with LetsPlay.Live, a renowned esports and gaming broadcaster.  
  • Their new tournament, OneQode Frontier Grassroots, will feature a $6,000 prize pool.  
  • The event will unite APAC players using OneQode’s advanced digital infrastructure.  

Collaboration secured for APAC esports expansion

On 10 November 2023, OneQode announced its partnership with LetsPlay.Live (LPL), one of the most established esports and gaming content broadcasters globally. This collaboration sealed their joint effort to bring a significant Counter-Strike 2 project to the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region through the OneQode Frontier Grassroots presented by LetsPlay.Live.

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Major Counter-Strike 2 Tournament launched

The tournament invited Counter-Strike players aged 16 and over from Oceania, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands to compete for a share of a USD $6,000 prize pool. Hosted on both LetsPlay.Live’s website and OneQode’s platform, the event tapped into OneQode’s APAC-wide digital infrastructure and LPL’s expertise in hosting world-class live esports events.

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Building a unified APAC gaming community

Ben Cooper, Chief Architect of OneQode, shared that the collaboration would help create “the world’s largest gaming region.”

Duane Mutu, Founder and CEO of LPL, expressed his enthusiasm for working with OneQode, affirming that this project would deliver unparalleled gaming experiences and redefine Counter-Strike esports in the APAC region.

About OneQode

OneQode is a digital infrastructure company known for its high-performance cloud platform and low-latency network, crafted to meet the rigorous demands of real-time applications and competitive gaming. In a groundbreaking move for the region, OneQode established APAC Central, a central server region strategically positioned on Guam to serve the entire Asia-Pacific region. This latency-neutral location levels the playing field for cross-regional gaming, real-time services, and business applications.

Dissatisfied with the speed and reliability of existing networks in the Asia-Pacific, OneQode built its own global carrier network to eliminate lag. By using state-of-the-art technology to send data faster via submarine cables, the company ensures smoother gaming and app performance.

Originally conceived as a wireless last-mile internet provider for gamers, OneQode’s mission evolved into creating a global network capable of delivering superior internet service beyond their borders. Despite challenges posed by existing internet infrastructure, OneQode remained committed to offering better internet connectivity specifically for gamers.

Recognizing that traditional carriers prioritize cost over quality, often neglecting latency and network congestion, OneQode took matters into its own hands. The company realized that to provide the best possible gaming experience, it had to control the entire network chain. Thus, it built a global carrier network from the ground up to tackle common connectivity issues like congestion and slow speeds.

Ultimately, OneQode’s innovative infrastructure and commitment to excellence reflect its foundational belief: gamers should have access to high-quality, low-latency internet that makes competitive gaming and real-time applications not just possible, but exceptional.


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