Special Communication Organization: Empowering communities through technology

  • SCO operates under Pakistan’s Ministry of IT & Telecom, providing telecom services in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.
  • SCO boasts the largest network in the region with advanced technology infrastructure, including a 4800 km optical fiber cable network.
  • Offering a wide range of services, SCO ensures seamless communication for individuals and businesses in urban and rural areas.

Special Communication Organization (SCO) is a public sector organization operating under the Ministry of IT & Telecom, Government of Pakistan. Since its establishment in 1976, SCO has been dedicated to developing, operating, and maintaining telecommunications services in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. With an extensive information technology and telecom infrastructure, including a vast optical fiber cable network spanning over 4800 kilometers, SCO stands as the largest telecom network and service provider in the region. Committed to both urban and rural development, SCO offers a comprehensive range of telecom and IT services to the public and private sectors.

Mission and commitment

SCO’s mission is to plan, develop, operate, and maintain contemporary ICT services in Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, and other areas assigned by the government of Pakistan. The organization plays a pivotal role in implementing ICT projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), ensuring connectivity and technological advancement in the region.

Comprehensive service portfolio

SCO offers a wide range of services to its valued customers, including landline telephony (PSTN), wireless local loop (WLL), cellular mobile service (GSM), broadband internet, digital cross connect (DXX), long-distance international (LDI), domestic private leased circuits (DPLC), and co-location facilities for telecom industry players in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. By providing these diverse services under one platform, SCO ensures seamless communication and connectivity for individuals and businesses alike.

SCO supporting specially abled individuals

Supporting specially abled children

SCO’s commitment to social responsibility extends to empowering specially abled children in the region. Through its partnership with the Independent Learning Center (ILC) in Gilgit Baltistan, SCO actively supports the education and development of these remarkable individuals. The initiatives undertaken by SCO reflect the organization’s dedication to creating an inclusive environment that nurtures and empowers special individuals.

Recognizing the significant role of specially abled individuals in society, Colonel Rao Muhammad Faheem Akhtar Khan, the Sector Commander of SCO, highlighted the organization’s unwavering commitment to upholding their rights and ensuring their holistic development. SCO has provided free internet infrastructure and essential amenities at the ILC to facilitate learning opportunities for these children. Moreover, SCO has created opportunities for freelancing and skill development training, empowering them to participate meaningfully in various endeavors.

SCO’s cooperative approach and commitment to inclusivity make them an ideal partner for organizations and initiatives aiming to bridge technology gaps and empower communities. Through SCO’s support, specially abled children at the ILC receive the necessary resources and opportunities for their growth and development.


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