263 Global expanding network with a new Tokyo node

  • 263 Global collaborates anew with Equinix at TY9 IBX data centre in Tokyo.
  • New Tokyo node directly connected to Shanghai via APCN2 and TPE submarine cables.
  • Upcoming expansions include direct channels to Hong Kong, West US, and Seoul.

Enhanced connectivity and reduced latency

263 Global, in partnership with Equinix, has inaugurated a new business node within Equinix’s TY9 IBX data centre located in Tokyo.

This strategic node is directly linked to 263 Global’s node in Shanghai, China, through the APCN2 and TPE submarine cables, reducing backbone latency to just 27ms and significantly increasing capacity.  Moving forward, 263 Global plans to adjust and expand direct pathways from Tokyo to Hong Kong, the West US, and Seoul, aiming to optimise and enhance its global backbone network structure and coverage.

Operational launch and global strategy

The 263 Global TY9 business node officially commenced operations on 1st September 2020, marking the beginning of a new phase in 263 Global’s strategy to expand its global network infrastructure. This node features high availability and security standards, with 99.99% SLA, 99.99% power availability, and N+1 backup generators, positioning it as one of Tokyo’s most advanced Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres.  

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Leveraging Equinix’s extensive data centre network, users can benefit from ultra-low latency connections to a rich ecosystem composed of over 800 hosting companies, further expanding interconnectivity with Tokyo’s local internet and adding virtual machine services. This expansion provides robust solutions for Chinese enterprises going global while also facilitating closer connections between overseas users and the Chinese mainland market, ensuring the fastest, most convenient, and high-quality access to global opportunities.

Why choose Equinix TY9?

Equinix stands as a global leader in internet connectivity and data centre services, holding a dominant share of the global data centre hosting market.  Located in Tokyo’s Bunkyo district, the vibrant TY9 facility connects leading enterprises with the most interconnected data centres, fulfilling all digital market needs.

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Through the TY9 POP point, 263 Global can access Equinix’s vibrant community, speeding up and broadening its global network coverage to serve an increasing number of multinational corporations more effectively.

About 263 Global

263 Global, founded in 1993, derives its name from the pioneering internet service – narrowband dial-up access, utilizing ‘263’ as the access code. Leveraging communication, internet technology, and reselling methods, the company delivers innovative communication solutions to both corporate and individual users. Specializing in information communication services, 263 Global is committed to offering new communication options to enterprise clients and Chinese users worldwide, facilitating the globalization of enterprises and enhancing the quality of life for overseas Chinese.

With 30 years of development, 263 Group has established a presence in the Chinese enterprise market and overseas consumer markets. The business scope of 263 Group encompasses enterprise applications, data communication, voice communication, mobile communication, IoT, data centers, cloud computing, ICT services, and content media. Its business network and service capabilities span over dozens of major countries and regions globally, serving over 150,000 corporate users and 300,000 overseas Chinese households, benefiting millions of overseas Chinese. The company has forged long-term, deep, and mutually beneficial business partnerships with numerous renowned telecommunications operators worldwide.

With over 1,500 employees globally and branches across the Asia-Pacific, North America, and Europe, 263 Global is committed to providing multinational enterprises with more advanced, flexible, and comprehensive services and solutions worldwide, including international data links, internet content distribution, global data center hosting, IoT, voice, and various ICT solutions. As a long-term development strategy of the 263 Group, 263 Global will further accelerate its global deployment efforts, continuously enhance the capability and quality of its business network and services, and provide superior ICT architecture and service support for the global development of multinational enterprises.


Fei Wang

Fei Wang, a reporter at BTW media dedicated in Internet Governance and IT infrastructure. She is studying bilingual broadcasting and hosting at Communication University of Zhejiang. Send tips to f.wang@btw.media

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