Interview with Eurus Internetworks: Telecom integration and secure cloud solutions

  • Eurus Internetworks specializes in providing tailored telecom and technology solutions to various clients, focusing on seamless integration and exceptional support.
  • The company emphasizes staying updated on emerging trends, utilizing AI for network security, and prioritizing customer support as key drivers for revenue growth.
  • Eurus ensures the security and efficiency of its private cloud services through multiple levels of security measures and real-time monitoring.

Krishna Chaudhary, Head of Systems Integration, and Asim Khan, Head of Enterprise Sales, provided insights into Eurus Internetworks Services, an India-based company specializing in telecom and system integration. With over 22 years in the industry, they discussed various aspects of their business, including emerging trends, customer-centric approach, overcoming challenges, successful sales strategies, and ensuring secure private cloud services.

Eurus is a telecom and technology group consisting of two companies, Eurus Internetworks Pvt. Ltd. and Eurus Network Services Pvt. Ltd., that offer customized end-to-end voice solutions, telecom technology consulting, cloud hosting, systems integration, network management, and global smart hands services. Since 2002, they have been providing these services to various clients, including call centers, Business Process Outsourcing (BPOs), enterprises, and other voice carriers. They focus on integrating technology seamlessly with the clients’ businesses to facilitate growth while working hand in hand with them as their technology partner.

BTW’s interview with Krishna Chaudhary and Asim Khan at Capacity Meddle East 2024

Emerging trends in system and network Integration

According to Krishna and Asim, staying updated on emerging trends involves leveraging media channels and networking at conferences. They emphasized the importance of being interconnected worldwide through various channels such as email blasting and SMS updates to promote business expansion and services.

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Customized technology solutions

Eurus ensures that its technology solutions are tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs by focusing on exceptional support and utilizing an in-house development team. They highlighted the significance of personally engaging with customers to understand their requirements and provide customized solutions that align with their business needs.

Overcoming challenges

The interviewees pointed out that addressing VIP challenges, especially in terms of network security, is a significant concern. To counter this, Eurus has integrated AI to detect and prevent scams, thus enhancing network stability and security. Additionally, they have implemented multiple levels of security, including gateway and equipment level security, account-based restrictions, and real-time monitoring for potential network downtime or threats.

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Successful sales strategy

When discussing successful sales strategies, they emphasized the company’s focus on customer support as a key driver for revenue growth.

They also shared a remarkable example involving the successful establishment of a call center in Kathmandu via satellite connection, showcasing the company’s commitment to delivering value-added services in challenging environments.

Ensuring secure private cloud services

To ensure the security and efficiency of Eurus’ private cloud for running customer services, the company has implemented multiple levels of security, including gateway and switch-level security, account-specific security measures, and real-time notifications for system status and potential issues.

Eurus Internetworks Services’ commitment to providing customized solutions, addressing emerging trends, overcoming challenges, and ensuring secure private cloud services underscores their dedication to delivering exceptional services in the telecom and system integration industry.


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