Leadership Change at Microsoft’s Windows & Surface Divisions  

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Microsoft is undergoing a significant leadership change as Panos Panay, the Chief Product Officer responsible for Windows development and the Surface product line for nearly two decades, leaves the company. This move comes as a surprise, considering Panay’s recent expression of excitement about an upcoming Microsoft event. Instead, Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s Consumer Marketing Head, is set to take charge of the Windows and Surface businesses.

19 Years of Service Coming to an End  

Panay, who joined Microsoft in 2004 as a Group Program Manager, has been the driving force behind the company’s Surface brand and other key products. In 2018, he became the Chief Product Officer. During which, he oversaw the development of Windows 11. In 2021, Panay received a promotion to Executive Vice President as part of Microsoft’s top leadership team advising CEO Satya Nadella.

In a farewell message on social media, Panay expressed gratitude for his time at Microsoft and the people he had the privilege to work with. He now looks forward to “writing the next chapter” in his career. Panay has been a prominent figure at Microsoft and is known for his enthusiasm for new products.

Changing Team Structure  

Yusuf Mehdi will now lead the Windows and Surface businesses. He will work closely with Microsoft’s OEM and retail partners. This organizational change aligns with Microsoft’s strategic focus on integrating artificial intelligence features into Windows 11 and the expected release of Windows 12 next year.

Satya Nadella thanked Panos Panay for his significant impact on Microsoft’s products, culture, and the industry as a whole. He assured that Microsoft remains committed to its strategy and that Yusuf Mehdi is well-prepared to lead the Windows and Surface businesses.

Panay’s departure marks the end of an era at Microsoft, as his dedication significantly influenced the company’s hardware and software development.


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