Who is Aetna Wun Trombley? CEO, board member of Lycia Therapeutics is a relentless innovator

  • Aetna Wun Trombley’s visionary leadership style is characterised by a relentless pursuit of innovation and a commitment to driving transformative change in the biotech industry.
  • Aetna’s strategic vision is founded on a deep understanding of emerging trends, market dynamics, and technological advancements that shape the future of biotechnology.
  • Aetna fosters a culture of creativity, experimentation, and calculated risk-taking to encourage innovative solutions in drug discovery and development.

Aetna Wun Trombley, Ph.D., is a seasoned executive in the biotech industry, currently serving as the President, Chief Executive Officer, and Board of Directors at Lycia Therapeutics. Prior to her current role, she held key roles at NGM, a renowned biotech company known for its innovative research and development initiatives. Aetna’s expertise in driving organisational success, fostering innovation, and navigating the complexities of the biotech industry is evident in her leadership roles at NGM and Lycia Therapeutics. With a strong background in science and a Ph.D., she combines scientific knowledge, strategic vision, and business acumen to drive impactful change and deliver results in the competitive biotech landscape.

Career trajectory

Aetna Wun Trombley is a renowned biotech executive with a Ph.D. in molecular biology, biochemistry, and biotechnology. Her academic journey, research interests, and contributions to the scientific community have laid the foundation for her successful career in biotech. Aetna’s tenure at NGM, a renowned biotech company, was marked by significant contributions in key leadership roles. As the head of business development, she identified strategic partnerships, forged collaborations with industry stakeholders, and explored growth opportunities. As the Chief Operating Officer, she optimised processes, optimised resource allocation, and enhanced organisational performance. Aetna’s visionary approach, collaborative leadership style, and focus on innovation positioned NGM as a leader in the biotech industry.

Aetna’s transition to Lycia Therapeutics marked a significant milestone in her career, reflecting her leadership capabilities and industry expertise. As president and CEO, she assumed leadership responsibilities, driving Lycia’s strategic direction, fostering innovation, and delivering value to stakeholders. Her impact on Lycia Therapeutics has been profound, with key achievements, milestones, and initiatives propelling the company’s growth and success.

Vision and innovation

Biotech industry

Aetna Wun Trombley is a visionary leader who is committed to driving transformative change in the biotech industry. Her strategic vision is rooted in understanding emerging trends, market dynamics, and technological advancements. She anticipates industry shifts, identifies growth opportunities, and leverages disruptive technologies, making her a forward-thinking leader. Aetna’s passion for innovation is evident in her leadership at Lycia Therapeutics, where she has infused the company’s culture with a spirit of innovation, agility, and adaptability. Lycia has become a trailblazer in the biotech landscape, setting new standards for excellence, innovation, and impact.

Aetna’s commitment to innovation extends beyond Lycia Therapeutics, as she actively collaborates with industry partners, academic institutions, and thought leaders to foster a culture of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and cross-disciplinary innovation. By leveraging her extensive network, expertise, and influence, Aetna catalyses industry-wide innovation, drives collective progress, and shapes the future of biotechnology through strategic partnerships, collaborative initiatives, and knowledge exchange platforms. Her collaborative approach to innovation emphasises the power of collective intelligence, shared expertise, and collaborative efforts to drive transformative change and accelerate progress in the biotech field.

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Impact and influence

Aetna Wun Trombley is a transformative leader in the biotech industry, known for her innovative contributions and strategic vision. Her commitment to excellence, pushing boundaries, and fostering a culture of innovation have led to groundbreaking advancements in the biotech field. Her leadership at NGM and Lycia Therapeutics has significantly impacted their growth, success, and reputation, positioning them as trailblazers in the biotech sector. Aetna’s visionary guidance, operational expertise, and strategic decision-making have enabled them to develop and deliver cutting-edge therapies, establish strategic partnerships, and drive innovation that redefines standards in the biotech landscape.

Aetna is also a thought leader, influencer, and mentor in the biotech community, sharing her expertise and insights with emerging leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs. Her mentorship and guidance inspire the next generation of biotech innovators, driving industry-wide progress and impact.

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Aetna’s contributions to the scientific community, including research, publications, and collaborations, have paved the way for new discoveries, breakthrough therapies, and transformative technologies that could revolutionise patient care, disease treatment, and healthcare outcomes. Her impact and influence in the biotech industry serve as a testament to her dedication, vision, and leadership.

Leadership philosophy

Aetna Wun Trombley’s leadership philosophy is centred on excellence, innovation, and impact. She combines strategic vision, operational acumen, and a people-centric approach, focusing on collaboration, empowerment, and continuous learning. Her visionary leadership style challenges the status quo, encouraging creativity and experimentation. Aetna’s people-centric approach emphasises building strong relationships, fostering trust, and empowering individuals. She recognises the importance of diversity, inclusion, and teamwork in driving creativity and innovation. Aetna nurtures talent through mentorship, coaching, and personal and professional development.

Aetna’s leadership philosophy also emphasises the importance of ethical conduct, integrity, and social responsibility in decision-making and organisational culture. She leads by example, upholding the highest standards of ethical behaviour and fostering a culture of accountability, transparency, and integrity. By prioritising ethical considerations, social impact, and sustainability in business practices, Aetna sets a standard for ethical leadership and demonstrates a deep commitment to making a positive difference in the world through innovation, excellence, and ethical conduct.


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