Century Health: Startup uses AI to find hidden signals in health data

  • Century Health is a new startup getting in on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find hidden signals in data across healthcare.
  • Now with $2 million in pre-seed funding, Century Health will run three to five pilots over the next several months.

Century Health has won $2 million in funding to tap AI to give pharma access to good patient data. This innovative action aims to unlock a better feedback loop and ultimately faster and more efficient drug development and commercialisation.

Century Health integrates AI into drug development

The new startup Century Health is applying AI to clinical data to uncover new applications for drugs. AI can find hidden signals in data across healthcare, and companies like Nvidia are learning what this can mean, and so is Century Health. Previously last week, it announced two dozen new AI-powered tools for areas including biotechnology and drug discovery.

The mission is a personal one for Century Health’s co-founder and CEO, Vish Srivastava. He watched his grandfather’s Alzheimer’s get to the point where he didn’t recognize Srivastava anymore. “That sent me down a rabbit hole,” said Srivastava, whose background is in healthcare product development and data. “One of the biggest issues around innovation for new treatments is efficient access to good patient data. This is now only possible because of generative AI. That data sat around for decades because it takes manual effort to normalize and extract insight from it.”

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Pilot programs begin running

Now, Century Health has secured $2 million in seed funding to run three to five pilot programs over the next few months. Srivastava says the goal is to validate the initial techniques for collecting the data and, most importantly, to see what impact the insights from these data sets can have.

He sees these pilot programs as a design partnership and a way to get feedback on the benefits of the drug, such as which patient subgroups may be underrepresented. In addition to validating the technology, another milestone will be securing early revenues from the pilot programs, which Century Health can use to seek a new round of venture capital.


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