Users are creating hateful songs with AI music generators

  • People are using AI music generators to create hateful songs and publishing guidance to teach others to do so.
  • The hateful songs created with the help of AI music generators may become the powerful tools for hate groups and political warfare.

Although hateful and harmful songs are not new, easy-to-use free music-generating tools speed up their circulation among people.
Audrey Huang, BTW reporter

Malicious actors are misusing generative AI music tools to create songs that spread hate speech and propaganda, and they are even publishing guides on how to do it.

Creating hateful songs

There’s been a spike in chatter within “hate speech-related” communities since March about methods to misuse AI music creation tools to write offensive songs targeting minority groups, according to ActiveFence, a service for managing trust and safety operations on online platforms. “These are trends that are intensifying as more users are learning how to generate these songs and share them with others,” an ActiveFence spokesperson said.

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The impacts of the songs

ActiveFence highlights the emotional impact of songs, making them powerful tools for hate groups and political warfare. They cite historical examples like Rock Against Communism. AI can enhance the appeal of harmful content by transforming narratives into catchy songs, reinforcing group unity and shocking outsiders. The service urges music platforms to implement stronger safety measures, like red teaming and better moderation, to prevent the spread of AI-generated hateful music. However, as users find ways around these measures, the challenge persists. The UN also warns that generative AI could amplify racist and xenophobic content.


Audrey Huang

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