AI in music therapy transforms healing

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare is well documented, from MRI analysis to cancer detection and prognosis. But it is also being used in alternative methods of healthcare for example in music therapy, offering personalized treatment through emotion recognition, tailored therapy plans, and innovative technologies like virtual reality.

Sync Project, Moodify, and AIVA decode emotions, tailor playlists, and craft soundscapes for personalized therapeutic impact. Emotion recognition tech bridges technology and human emotions, enabling profound customization in therapy. AI addresses traditional challenges, making therapy more accessible and cost-effective.

However, ethical concerns around AI-generated music ownership and responsible use are crucial. The harmony of AI and music therapy promises a compassionate, inclusive approach to well-being. Challenges harmonize with opportunities in the symphony of technology and healing power.

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Yulan Deng

Yulan Deng is a video producer with a background in University of Arts London. She is passionate about discussing fintech. You can reach out to her at

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