Google And Universal Music Partner Up to Licence AI-Generated Song Voices

Real vocals to breathe new life into AI: Google and Universal Music join forces to create AI vocals that sound human-like. How real does it get?

Google And Universal Music Partner Up to Licence AI-Generated Song Voices

Google and Universal Music Group have joined forces to licence voices for AI-generated songs. This move will allow artificial intelligence to produce songs that authentically mimic the voices of established artists. By tapping into Universal Music’s extensive library of recorded vocal performances, this project could blur the lines between AI-generated vocals and human singers.

Google and Universal Music will work with artists on licensing agreements to ensure that AI-generated compositions adhere to copyright regulations.

Revolutionising Music Productio n

The partnership between Google and Universal Music aspires to redefine artificial intelligence by crafting lifelike voices that harmonise seamlessly alongside human artists. By licensing established vocalists celebrated for their unique styles, this fusion of AI and human artistry promises an unparalleled level of authenticity and creativity.

This advancement holds immense promise for both musicians and enthusiasts. It introduces novel avenues for artistic exploration and boundless potential in creating music.

This trailblazing partnership targets a complex challenge in AI-generated compositions – the creation of genuine, realistic vocal performances.

The partnership will be built on Universal Music’s rich recorded of voices alongside Google’s advanced machine learning technology. Their goal is to build AI systems that synthesise songs with lifelike vocals indistinguishable from those of human performers.

Licencing Voices for AI-Generated Songs

The licencing process encompasses securing legal rights from artists while ensuring equitable compensation for their contributions. This collaboration not only ushers in novel prospects in the realm of AI-generated music but also underscores the significance of intellectual property rights and ethical considerations.

Human vocals are pivotal in evoking emotion. By combining cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms with the artistry of established vocalists, this partnership strives to elevate the quality of computer-generated vocalisations.

Through this partnership, Google and Universal Music are inching closer to a seamless blend of human vocal expression and machine-crafted melodies. This pioneering project is poised to redefine the future of music creation and consumption.


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