Spotify raises U.S. premium plan prices to boost margins

  • Spotify has increased its premium plan prices in the United States, with the individual plan now costing $11.99 per month, the duo plan $16.99, and the family plan $19.99.
  • The company aims to improve margins by reducing marketing expenditure and through layoffs, following significant investments to drive user growth.
  • Spotify’s premium subscribers increased by 14% to 239 million, contributing to a quarterly gross profit of over 1 billion euros for the first time in April.

Spotify’s decision to raise premium plan prices is a bold but necessary move. By increasing prices, the company is clearly prioritising profitability and long-term sustainability over aggressive user growth. While this may lead to some subscriber churn, it reflects a mature approach to business, focusing on delivering more value and investing in better features for its users. However, Spotify must be careful to justify these price hikes with noticeable improvements, or it risks losing customers to competitors who offer similar services at lower prices. This strategy could pay off if executed well, but it’s a delicate balance.
–Sissy Li, BTW reporter

Spotify has announced an increase in the prices of its premium plans in the United States, raising the individual plan to $11.99 per month, the duo plan to $16.99, and the family plan to $19.99. This move is part of the company’s strategy to boost profit margins by cutting marketing expenses and implementing layoffs, following a period of significant investment aimed at driving user growth.

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Price increase

Spotify has raised the prices of its premium plans in the United States. This move aims to increase margins and support continued investment and innovation in the company’s product offerings and features. Subscribers will be informed of these changes via email over the next month.

Strategic adjustments

In recent months, Spotify has focused on boosting its margins by reducing marketing expenditure and implementing layoffs. This strategy follows a period of heavy investment and promotions aimed at driving user growth. The company, competing with services from Apple and Amazon, has seen its shares rise by over 4% following the announcement of the price hikes.

Financial performance and growth

Spotify’s revenue in the United States grew nearly 11% to €5.23 billion ($5.69 billion) in 2023. The company reported a quarterly gross profit exceeding €1 billion ($1.09 billion) for the first time in April after cutting marketing costs. Premium subscribers increased by 14% to 239 million, and Spotify anticipates having 631 million monthly active users in the second quarter. Analysts suggest that further growth could come from tailored subscription plans in areas like music, audiobooks, and podcasts.


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