Spotify will now build full playlists from a simple prompt

  • Spotify introduces AI-powered playlist creation, allowing users to personalise their music experience. The beta version of this feature is now accessible to Spotify Premium subscribers in the UK and Australia.
  • With the new AI functionality, users can effortlessly construct playlists using natural language commands. Users have full control over playlist content, with the ability to refine tracks and remove any unwanted selections.

Spotify has released a new feature powered by AI, allowing users to create personalised playlists. The beta version of this feature is now available to Spotify Premium subscribers in the UK and Australia.

AI playlist by Spotify

With the new functionality, users can use natural language to build playlists. When a user enters a command like “Create an indie rock workout playlist,” the AI tool automatically selects songs that match the listener’s preferences and generates a playlist.

Furthermore, AI Playlist converts user requests into customised playlists by comprehending themes such as locations, colors, and emojis.

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Customise soundtrack

Spotify offers examples of AI playlists, enabling users to create themed playlists like “melancholy tunes for painting wilting flowers” or “songs for a horseback ride into the sunset” via the Your Library tab. Users can refine playlists by adjusting parameters such as “more pop” or “less upbeat” tracks.

The playlist’s content is still up to the users, who can remove any extraneous tracks.

The new Spotify tool will not generate search results for non-music-related queries such as current events or specific brands. Furthermore, AI playlists will reject prompts deemed “offensive.”

Spotify announcement added: “At Spotify, we aim to deliver the right piece of music for that exact moment in time. With AI Playlist in beta, we’re excited to give Premium subscribers in the U.K. and Australia a brand-new way to discover music. Over the coming months, we look forward to continuing to iterate on this new feature to best serve our listeners.”

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Spotify’s AI probe

The release of Spotify’s AI Playlists comes after the AI DJ feature, which was introduced in March and suggests music based on user preferences.

Using OpenAI’s generative AI technology, AI DJ constantly learns from the preferences of its listeners to curate music and commentary tailored to specific artists.


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