Poland unveils plan to spend $760M to boost cybersecurity

  • Poland administrative announced plans to spend as much as 3 billion zloty ($760 million) to boost cybersecurity.
  • The Poland authorities took action in order to respond to threats allegedly posed by Russian-backed sabotage, including a suspected attack last week against the country’s main state-run newswire.

While Poland’s active response contributes to safeguarding its cybersecurity, this action may make their Russian-Poland relations intense, exacerbating the diplomatic situation.   
–Audrey Huang, BTW reporter

Poland’s government has announced plans, which involve funds up to 3 billion zloty ($760 million), to improve cybersecurity in response to perceived threats, allegedly from Russia.

Poland’s plan to strengthen cybersecurity

Facing the threats seemingly posed by Russia, Poland’s government has recently announced plans to bolster its cybersecurity infrastructure, sending a proactive signal to safeguard critical infrastructure. The recent alleged Russian-backed attacks, including one targeting the country’s primary state-run newswire. This investment aims to enhance the nation’s resilience against potential cyberattacks, safeguarding critical infrastructure and democratic processes.

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Preparing for European Parliament elections

With European Parliament elections approaching, the ruling coalition has prioritised security and the risk of Russian interference in its campaign for this weekend’s elections to the European Parliament. The government had taken action to improve cybersecurity ahead of the vote, adding that a coordinated attack on critical infrastructure had just been foiled, according to Digitalization Minister Krzysztof Gawkowski on Monday. “Today, Poland is no longer in a cold — but in some elements a warm — cyber war with Russia,” Gawkowski told reporters that day. Poland’s response highlights the country’s dedication to ensuring the integrity of electoral outcomes and defending against cyber threats from other countries.


Audrey Huang

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