Robot startup Figure raises $675 million from big tech names

  • Figure, a humanoid robot startup, raised approximately $675 million from tech giants like Amazon, Nvidia, OpenAI, and Microsoft, reaching a valuation of $2.6 billion.
  • The company plans to collaborate with OpenAI to develop advanced AI models for humanoid robots and utilise Microsoft’s Azure cloud services for infrastructure and data storage.
  • Figure aims to create humanoid robots capable of executing tasks in industries facing severe labour shortages, such as manufacturing and logistics, emphasising a focus on daily task automation and a commitment to non-military applications.

On Thursday, humanoid robot startup Figure announced it had raised approximately $675 million from giants like Amazon founder Bezos, Nvidia, OpenAI, and Microsoft, bringing its company valuation to $2.6 billion. As part of the agreement, Figure will collaborate with OpenAI to develop next-generation AI models for humanoid robots and utilise Microsoft’s Azure cloud services for AI infrastructure and data storage.

The AI models will be based on OpenAI’s latest GPT model

Figure’s CEO Brett Adcock stated that the funds would be used to develop large language models for robots, expand production, and hire more employees. The AI models developed by Figure will be based on OpenAI’s latest GPT model and specifically trained on robot action data collected by Figure, enabling humanoid robots to converse, perceive objects, and perform complex tasks.

OpenAI‘s VP of Product and Partnerships, Peter Welinder, stated, ‘We have always planned to return to the field of robotics, and we see the collaboration with Figure as a pathway to explore what achievements humanoid robots can make under the drive of high-performance large models.’

Figure, born in January 2022 in Silicon Valley, is dedicated to developing humanoid robots capable of performing dangerous and unwanted tasks. Its first humanoid robot, named Figure 01, demonstrated walking abilities in November 2023, with its appearance and actions resembling those of humans.

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The robots are developed for labour shortages

The company believes its robots will be used in industries such as manufacturing, shipping and logistics, warehousing, and retail, where labour shortages are most severe, and claims they are not intended for military or defence purposes. Earlier this week, Figure released a video showcasing Figure 01’s operation.

The robot approached a pile of plastic boxes, accurately picked one up, carried it several meters away, and placed it on a conveyor belt. Throughout the process, Figure 01 moved a bit hesitantly, somewhat resembling an elderly person crossing the street, but still managed to complete the task successfully.

Figure’s ultimate goal is to enable Figure 01 to autonomously perform ‘daily tasks,’ for which the company says developing a more powerful AI system is necessary.


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