Amazon One app makes paying by palm a reality

  • Amazon has introduced the Amazon One app, streamlining the process for palm recognition registration.
  • Users can now create an online account, capture a palm photo, and input payment details, simplifying enrollment.
  • The technology, boasting a 99.999% accuracy rate, allows users to verify identity and conduct transactions across various locations using palm recognition.

Amazon recently launched the new Amazon One app, simplifying the steps required to register for the palm recognition service. Previously, users had to visit designated physical stores to enrol their palm prints into the Amazon One service. Now, users only need to create an online account through the Amazon One app, take a photo of their palm, and add payment details.

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Users can hover their palms to complete transactions

Users can hover their palms at Amazon stores, Whole Foods retail stores, and other locations deploying palm recognition technology such as stadiums, airports, and gyms, to automatically verify their identity and complete transactions. Amazon One creates a palm signature by analysing the palm and underlying vein structure, representing a unique digital vector.

The app uses generative artificial intelligence technology

The company explains that the app uses generative artificial intelligence technology to match photos from your phone’s camera with infrared images from Amazon One devices, boasting an accuracy rate of up to 99.999% when comparing their respective vector representations.

Biometric technology has been used over 8 million times, with approximately 80% of shoppers using the technology in Amazon retail stores being repeat customers. This technology is applicable for payments, age verification, access control, and loyalty program redemption.


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