Facebook and Instagram experience widespread outages

  • Facebook and Instagram experienced a technical outage for more than two hours that affected hundreds of thousands of users around the world.
  • Outage tracking site Downdetector.com reported more than 550,000 outages on Facebook and about 92,000 on Instagram.
  • The company’s apps, which include WhatsApp and Threads, have about 3.19 billion daily active users.

Technical outages disrupt Facebook and Instagram services

On Tuesday, Meta-owned Facebook and Instagram encountered significant technical outages lasting over two hours, affecting a vast number of users globally. The disruptions, commencing around 10 a.m. ET, led to users across various regions reporting being forcefully logged out and unable to access both platforms. At its peak, Facebook received more than 550,000 outage reports, while Instagram accumulated approximately 92,000, as reported by Downdetector.com, an outage tracking service.

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White House national security council monitors, Meta addresses the issue

In response to the widespread outages, the White House National Security Council has taken notice and is actively monitoring the situation. However, despite the inconvenience faced by users, Meta spokesman Andy Stone communicated that the company has successfully resolved the technical issue. Stone’s statement, shared on a social media platform, lacked specific details regarding the nature of the problem.

The outage affected not only Facebook and Instagram but also Meta’s other platforms, including WhatsApp and Threads, collectively boasting a massive user base of approximately 3.19 billion daily active users. The repercussions extended to internal systems, with Meta employees expressing concerns about their access, leading to speculation about potential employment consequences.


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