Google’s Gemini expected to land on Android phones next year

  • Google’s Gemini AI model is targeting OpenAI’s GPT and is set to be embedded into Android smartphones next year, offering Gemini Nano services.
  • Currently available on Pixel smartphones, Gemini Nano provides comparable performance to its online counterpart, enabling users to access various services without the need for data centre connections or subscriptions.
  • Google also announced updates at MWC, including Gemini integration with SMS and features aiding in message drafting and planning.

Google‘s artificial intelligence mega-model Gemini is continuously targeting OpenAI‘s GPT. According to Google, it is expected to embed this model into Android smartphones next year.

Currently, Google has provided Gemini Nano services on Pixel smartphones and other suitable Android devices, but access is only available through internet connections to remote data centres.

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Google has made significant breakthroughs

Brian Rakowski, Vice President of Product Management for Google Pixel, stated that Gemini Nano is expected to directly land on smartphones next year, with a smaller version of the model. Google has made significant breakthroughs in compressing models to fit mobile device operations.

He added that the performance level of Gemini Nano is comparable to that of the online model Gemini a year ago, allowing users to try out many services with this relatively streamlined small version model on their devices. Users will no longer need to connect to data centres or subscribe to services to run the model, enabling instant operation.

Google also announced a series of updates for Android at the MWC Mobile Communications Conference, including integration of Gemini with SMS features, as well as features to help draft messages and plans.


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