Biden’s deputy press secretary Olivia Dalton to leave for Apple

  • Olivia Dalton, the principal deputy press secretary in the White House, is going to join Apple’s communications team.
  • The departure of Joelle Gamble, one of the architects of President Biden’s economic policy, decided to leave the White House, showing a shifting landscape within the administration.

Olivia Dalton, a prominent figure in the White House as the principal deputy press secretary, has announced her departure to take up a senior communications role at Apple (AAPL.O), sources revealed on Monday. This move comes as a significant transition for Dalton, who has been a key aide to President Joe Biden and has played a pivotal role in shaping the administration’s communication strategy.

Dalton’s brilliant political career

Having served as the White House’s deputy press secretary since August 2022, Dalton’s decision to join Apple’s communications team is expected to materialize in mid-March, according to insiders familiar with the matter. Over the years, she has adeptly navigated through a diverse range of domestic and foreign policy issues, leaving an indelible mark on the political landscape.

Dalton’s career trajectory underscores a rich tapestry of experiences, having initially served as deputy press secretary for then-Senator Biden in 2006. Her contributions extended into President Barack Obama’s administration, where she assumed the role of press secretary at the Transportation Department, followed by serving as press secretary to first lady Michelle Obama during the 2012 reelection campaign. Subsequently, her expertise was instrumental in the economic policy initiatives under President Biden’s leadership.

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Impact of personnel changes within the White House

In a statement, an unnamed source familiar with the situation expressed admiration for Dalton’s tenure, highlighting her instrumental role in advancing the administration’s communication objectives. “Olivia Dalton’s departure marks the loss of a seasoned professional whose contributions have been invaluable at the highest levels of government,” the source remarked.

Moreover, the departure of Joelle Gamble, one of the architects of President Biden’s economic policy, further signals a shifting landscape within the administration. These transitions may prompt reflection on the evolving dynamics within the White House and the broader implications for the administration’s strategic direction.

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High influence of tech giants

This high-profile departure echoes the broader trend of talented individuals transitioning from the public sector to influential roles in the private sector. It also underscores the allure and appeal of technology companies like Apple, known for their innovative spirit and global impact.

As Olivia Dalton prepares to embark on this new chapter in her career, her move to Apple resonates as a testament to the tech giant’s commitment to fostering a diverse and experienced communications team. It also sheds light on the increasing convergence of policy, technology, and communications, underscoring the pivotal role played by individuals like Dalton in shaping public discourse.


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