Everything Apple announced at the WWDC 2024 keynote day 1

  • Apple introduced “Apple Intelligence” – a suite of artificial intelligence tools – to its products at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday.
  • Apple shared what it has coming at its annual WWDC, which kicked off Monday, including what’s planned for iOS 18, AI and machine learning integration across devices and software, redesigned Photos and a smarter Siri.

WWDC 2024 showcased Apple’s commitment to innovation, privacy, and user experience. With groundbreaking updates across its software and hardware lineup, Apple is set to further solidify its position as a leader in the tech industry.

–Jinny Xu, BTW reporter

The annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is always a highlight for tech enthusiasts and developers alike, and WWDC 2024 was no exception. Apple unveiled a slew of groundbreaking innovations that promise to reshape how we interact with technology. Here’s a comprehensive look at the major announcements from this year’s event.

Apple Intelligence

Apple Intelligence

Apple announced its long-awaited artificial intelligence push, Apple Intelligence. CEO Tim Cook emphasised the need for privacy and personalisation, “beyond artificial intelligence,” into “personal intelligence.”

Apple Intelligence is set to revolutionise how users interact with their devices. This new AI platform integrates deeply with Apple’s ecosystem, offering personalised experiences that adapt to individual user behaviours and preferences. Leveraging advanced machine learning and neural networks, Apple Intelligence promises to make everyday tasks more intuitive and efficient.

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Siri with ChatGPT

Siri with chatGPT

Apple has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with OpenAI, enabling Siri to leverage the capabilities of ChatGPT when needed. With this integration, Siri will offer users the option to tap into ChatGPT for additional assistance. After prompting users for permission, Siri will provide suggestions generated by the OpenAI chatbot. Moreover, ChatGPT will be seamlessly integrated into systemwide writing tools, allowing users to incorporate its capabilities into various creative endeavours.

Apple emphasises that the integration with ChatGPT will be privacy-focused and user-centric. Users can utilise the feature without the need to create an account, and their requests and information will not be logged. It will be free, without creating an account, and your request and information won’t be logged, Apple said.

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iOS 18

ios 18

iOS 18 brings a host of new features and enhancements designed to improve user experience and functionality. Here are some of the standout updates:

Dynamic Widgets: Widgets are now more interactive and can display real-time information without needing to open the app. This makes accessing crucial data faster and more convenient.

Enhanced privacy controls: Apple continues its commitment to privacy with iOS 18, introducing new features that give users greater control over their data and how it is shared with apps.

Improved multitasking: The new multitasking features allow users to switch between apps seamlessly, with enhanced split-screen functionality and gesture controls.

Health and fitness improvements: The Health app gets a major update with new mental health tracking features and advanced metrics for fitness enthusiasts.

macOS Sequoia

macOS Sequoia

macOS Sequoia represents a significant evolution of Apple’s desktop OS, focusing on performance, productivity, and user experience. Named after the towering Sequoia trees, this update brings several notable features:

Enhanced multitasking: macOS Sequoia introduces new multitasking features, including improved window management and enhanced split-screen functionality, empowering users to work more efficiently across multiple applications.

Unified design language: Building on the design principles introduced in previous versions, macOS Sequoia features a unified design language that seamlessly integrates with Apple’s ecosystem, creating a cohesive and intuitive user experience across all devices.

Privacy and security: Apple continues its commitment to privacy and security with macOS Sequoia, introducing new features and enhancements to safeguard user data and protect against cyber threats.

Performance optimisations: From faster boot times to smoother app launches, macOS Sequoia delivers performance optimisations that ensure a snappy and responsive computing experience, even on older hardware.

iPadOS 18

iPadOS 18

Apple has unveiled some exciting changes for iPadOS, building upon the previously announced updates and introducing new features to enhance the iPad experience. Among these changes is the integration of many iOS 18 features, including customisable home screens and an updated Photos app, ensuring a seamless user experience across Apple devices.

iPadOS 18 introduces Smart Script, a new feature designed to streamline writing tasks by integrating mathematical functions directly into written notes using the Apple Pencil. Moreover, the long-awaited calculator app is finally making its way to the iPad, providing users with a convenient tool for calculations on the go. The Freeform app has undergone significant changes, offering improved functionality and a more intuitive user interface. Apple has also redesigned the Apple Pencil, optimising its performance for the distinct capabilities of the iPad.

WatchOS 11

WatchOS 11

Apple’s WatchOS 11 is set to provide even closer monitoring of your vitals, incorporating health indicators like heart rate, body temperature, and sleep patterns. It will intelligently analyse these metrics to offer insights, such as determining if you’ve consumed alcohol before bedtime.

The update introduces a new training mode that tracks workout intensity over time. By combining factors like weight and age, it generates an “effort rating” on the summary page, ranging from 1 (easy) to 10 (difficult). Additionally, it considers workout duration to provide personalised recommendations on training intensity.

Users can also access detailed “vital” metrics, offering insights into overall health and alerting them to potential illnesses. Furthermore, the Health app’s ability to detect elevated heart rates will be enhanced, particularly beneficial for pregnant users.



At the 2024 WWDC conference, Apple introduced a new feature called Genmoji, which are custom AI emojis. This innovative feature utilises advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to allow users to create highly personalised emojis that reflect their unique personalities and emotions. Genmoji not only generates dynamic animated emojis based on users’ facial features and expressions but also adapts to the context of conversations, making communication more vivid and personalised. This new feature will change the way users engage in digital communication, adding more emotion and fun to their interactions.

VisionOS 2

VisionOS 2

Apple’s Vice President, Mike Rockwell, has revealed the upcoming release of VisionOS 2, the next iteration of Apple’s operating system for its Vision Pro platform. This announcement comes just four months after the initial launch of VisionOS. Rockwell also disclosed that there are already 2,000 apps primed and ready for use on the Vision Pro platform.

Some of the updates include hand motions for bringing up home menu or accessing notifications on the Mac virtual display, train support in travel mode and also changes for photo and video.

Users can create a spatial photo from images already in their camera roll and also can experience panoramas with others through share options. Users can create spatial content, and Apple says they are making it easier to do so and also capture spatial video for their immersive video feature.

In an effort to expand its reach, Vision Pro will soon be accessible in China, Japan, and Singapore, starting from June 28. Following this initial rollout, the platform will extend its availability to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the U.K. on July 12.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+

Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage to mark the fifth anniversary of Apple TV+ during a keynote event. Cook unveiled a sneak peek at the platform’s upcoming content, promising viewers an exciting lineup.

Among the highlights were new seasons of fan-favourite series like “Severance” and “Shrinking,” keeping audiences eagerly anticipating more. Additionally, Cook announced the arrival of highly anticipated films, including “Wolfs,” which boasts an impressive cast featuring Hollywood icons Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

As Apple TV+ continues to captivate audiences with its innovative and diverse offerings, this anniversary celebration serves as a testament to its growing influence in the streaming landscape.


Jinny Xu

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