Apple’s WWDC may include AI-generated emoji and an OpenAI partnership

  • Apple will finally tell its own AI story at WWDC 2024, but it may not mean the sorts of showy features demoed by the likes of Google, Microsoft, or OpenAI.
  • Rumors have held that Apple will be allowing chatbots to integrate more deeply into its operating systems, and it seems that OpenAI is getting the first crack at that with ChatGPT.
  • But Apple is still working on an agreement with Google to do the same with Gemini, according to Gurman.

Apple is set to unveil its AI strategy at WWDC 2024, possibly featuring basic features like voice memo transcription and auto-generated emojis. There are rumors of a partnership with OpenAI for chatbots integration, while discussions with Google and Anthropic are also ongoing. Apple aims for practical AI applications rather than flashy demos.

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Smart recap’ feature

Apple is rumored to unveil a “smart recap” feature at WWDC 2024, summarising missed texts, notifications, web pages, and more. This could help manage overwhelming iOS notifications. The Voice Memo app might see AI-generated transcripts, beneficial for interviews or student lectures. Apple plans AI enhancements for Spotlight search, Safari, and writing suggestions. Additionally, AI may be used for photo retouching and generating emojis based on text content.

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Apple’s AI enhancement

Apple is expected to introduce AI enhancements for Spotlight search, Safari internet searches, and writing suggestions. They may also utilise AI for photo retouching and emoji generation based on text content. Siri could feature a more natural-sounding voice based on Apple’s large language models, with improved functionality on Apple Watch. Most AI tasks will be performed locally, with complex tasks offloaded to M2 Ultra-based servers. New on-device AI features will primarily benefit devices released within the last year. Additionally, iOS 18 may introduce a feature allowing users to change app icons to different colors, simplifying the process compared to the current method using the Shortcuts app. There are also rumors of upcoming changes to the iPhone home screen, potentially allowing users to arrange app icons freely instead of following a strict grid layout.


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