Erik Bais obituary: A dedicated internet contributor

  • Erik Bais, RIPE NCC member and founder of two Dutch internet companies, died on May 28, 2024, shortly after attending RIPE 88 in Poland.
  • His death came as a shock to many, who have paid their respects with memories of his friendship and advocacy work for mental health in the community.

Erik Bais, RIPE NCC member and the Address Policy Working Group Chair, died on May 28, 2024, shortly after attending the RIPE 88 meeting in Krakow, Poland. A regular contributor to internet development especially in Europe since the early 2000s, he also founded A2B Internet, a Dutch ISP and co-founded Prefix Broker, a facilitator in IP address space.

His passing immediately after the RIPE 88 conference came as a shock to many. “We were shocked and saddened to hear of the sudden passing of Erik Bais,” the RIPE Meeting said in an email. “Erik was one of the pillars of the RIPE community, an Address Policy Working Group Chair and a friend and mentor to many.”

He worked previously as EMEA director for a US-based System Integrator in the hosting telco industry (a role that had him based in Dubai for 2008). In the 90s, he worked for Accenture.

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His RIPE community experience began in 2002; he authored multiple policies in several RIPE Working Groups. He joined as Co-Chair of the Address Policy Working Group at RIPE 76 in Marseille (May 2018).

Bais, who was 51 when he died of natural causes, was a vocal advocate for mental health, particularly in the internet community during COVID, when he was active with advocacy work around his many other roles and activities.

A condolence and farewell service was held in Purmerend on June 4 and a private cremation was conducted a day later.

Due to his work with mental health advocacy, his family requested that instead of sending flowers, those who wish to should make a donation in Erik’s name to the Dutch Suicide Prevention Fund.

“His seemingly unlimited energy to do what’s right for the internet community continues to be inspiring to all of us,” said his colleagues at Prefix Broker.

“We will miss his energy, wisdom, generosity and warm friendship,” said the RIPE NCC team.

“He was most generous with his time and resources, always ready for anyone in need of help. I’ll dearly miss his friendship,” said Job Snijders, one of Bais’ many friends and colleague in the industry.


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