Slingshot, A Playful Photo Sharing App, Just Hit Town

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A newcomer is causing a stir in the world of photo-sharing apps. Slingshot, created by Tommy Searle, combines the spontaneity of BeReal snaps with the friends-only sharing concept popularized by Snapchat. Sharing photos over Slingshot is unique as users simply “sling” images: resembling the pull of a slingshot, which propels photos as bouncing bubbles.

A Fresh Photo Sharing Experience

Slingshot offers a unique take on photo sharing. Users capture and send photos in an instant with a simple pull and release motion. It’s similar to the rush of refreshing a feed but with the added excitement of real-time photo exchange. This simplicity, coupled with its well-designed interface, makes Slingshot a delight to use.

Tommy Searle, known for his mindfulness journaling app, Wellnest, shifted his focus to consumer-oriented apps. Over the past two and a half years, he and his team have launched several consumer apps, including Sideline and Cutouts, an iMessage extension for capturing photos and reactions. Slingshot is their latest creation, aiming to forge unique social connections.

Effortless Setup and Spontaneous Sharing

Setting up Slingshot is easy, requiring a quick phone number validation and permissions. The app ensures privacy by securely hashing phone numbers. Once set up, adding friends and sharing photos becomes effortless. The app’s camera mechanism encourages spontaneous photo sharing. This removes the need for elaborate poses or framing. A simple pull of the screen and release capture the moment in an instant.

The Future of Slingshot

While Slingshot is currently in beta, Tommy Searle envisions an exciting future for the app. Plans include incorporating video and text slingshots. It will also emphasize real-time moments over scheduled posts, a feature that distinguishes it from BeReal. Its speed even surpasses Snapchat, making it a go-to option for quick photo sharing.

In terms of monetization, Searle contemplates introducing paid upgrades. These upgrades could provide users with the ability to prioritize their best friends within the app.

Currently, Slingshot is available as a free download exclusively on iOS. However, the possibility of an Android version is on the horizon–all dependeding on the market reception.


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