Single Apple retail store files to unionise

  • Workers at Apple’s Short Hills store in New Jersey are seeking union representation, joining a broader trend of unionisation across various industries in the U.S.
  • Apple employees at the New Jersey location filed for representation with the Communications Workers of America, citing a desire for improved working conditions.
  • This move follows previous unionisation efforts, including the first successful unionisation of an Apple store near Baltimore in June 2022, despite past allegations of interference in union drives, which Apple denies.

Workers at the Apple store in Short Hills, New Jersey in the USA have initiated the process of seeking union representation, as disclosed by a staff member involved in the organising committee on Wednesday.

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The unionisation advocates for improved working conditions

Notably, companies such as Starbucks,, and Microsoft are also encountering unionisation efforts from employees advocating for improved working conditions.

According to John Nagy, the operations lead at the Short Hills store and a member of the organising committee, Apple’s retail staff in New Jersey officially filed for union representation with the Communications Workers of America on April 8.

Nagy expressed inspiration from successful unionisation efforts in Oklahoma City and Towson, Md., emphasising the potential for collective empowerment with each additional store forming a union.

Apple asserted its practice of compensating retail teams competitively

Responding to inquiries, Apple asserted via an emailed statement its consistent practice of compensating retail teams competitively and providing comprehensive benefits for both full- and part-time employees.

The announcement follows the landmark unionisation of an Apple store near Baltimore, Maryland, in June 2022.

However, the tech behemoth has faced allegations in the past, particularly concerning accusations of interference in union drives at its Manhattan retail outlet, which the company has refuted.


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