Nigeria plans nationwide AI and blockchain research centres

  • NITDA plans to establish research centres in six geopolitical regions of the country focused on emerging technologies.
  • These research centres are another step towards Nigeria taking a leadership position in AI development in Africa.

In addition to funding research, NITDA supports Nigerian startups to develop products using emerging technologies. The agency plans to create innovation sandboxes to help startups develop use cases, build businesses, and bring products to market.
–Zora Lin, BTW reporter

What happened

According to local media reports, Kashifu Inuwa, Director general of the Nigerian government’s National Information Technology Development Authority (NITDA), announces the establishment of a nationwide AI and blockchain research centre at the opening of the iot West Africa Conference and Exhibition in Lagos.

Aristotle Onumo, NITDA’s Director of Corporate Planning and Strategy, highlights the institution’s commitment to developing a strong technology research ecosystem.

The planned research centres will target key areas, including the Internet of Things, blockchain technology, drones, additive manufacturing, AI and robotics. “We are setting up a special purpose vehicle that will study these key areas and set up research centres in six geopolitical zones in Nigeria to target these six key areas of emerging technologies,” Inuwa says.

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Why it’s important

The Nigerian government has demonstrated its emphasis on and strategic investment in the development of emerging technologies by establishing AI and blockchain research centers.

NITDA emphasises its commitment to developing a strong technology research ecosystem, which means not only setting up research centres, but also establishing relevant academic and industry partnerships, as well as supporting innovation and technology transfer. This will help attract more tech talent and investment, driving the widespread adoption and commercialisation of technology in Nigeria.

The planned establishment of research centres in Nigeria’s six geopolitical regions means that the government wants to decentralise the power of technological research and innovation to ensure that all parts of the country can benefit from the development of these emerging technologies, helping to reduce regional development imbalances and promote scientific and technological progress across the country.


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