Salesforce plans to launch its first AI centre in London

  • Salesforce said Thursday that its first artificial intelligence (AI) centre will be founded in London.
  • Salesforce, the software giant, noted that the AI market in the U.K. is expected to grow to over $1 trillion by 2035.
  • Salesforce also announced $200 million in investments in U.K. AI companies, as part of a promise to spend $4 billion on AI growth and innovation in the U.K. over five years.

Salesforce’s plan to set up its first AI centre in London will create more occupations in the country amid the unsatisfying job market after the pandemic.
–Audrey Huang, BTW reporter

Salesforce, a CRM software company, has launched its first AI centre in London, signalling a strong commitment to AI innovation and workforce development in the UK. This move follows a pledge to invest $4 billion in AI over five years and significant investments in UK tech companies.

Salesforce’s new AI centre in London

Salesforce has selected London as the site for its first AI centre. This centre will serve as a hub for collaboration among industry experts, partners, and customers, driving AI innovation and providing vital upskilling opportunities. Choosing London shows Salesforce’s confidence in the UK’s tech capabilities and its commitment to pursuing growth in the AI sector.

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Investment and growth in the UK AI market

In line with its strategic focus on the UK, Salesforce has not only established the AI centre but also announced substantial investments through Salesforce Ventures, including over $200 million in UK companies like ElevenLabs and AutoGenAI. These investments are part of a broader $4 billion commitment to AI innovation and growth in the UK over the next five years.


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