Samsung leaps forward with new AI centre and Apple hire

  • Samsung merges North American research centres into the new North America AI Centre.
  • Former Apple strategist Murat Akbacak appointed to lead the division.
  • Move aims to bolster Samsung’s in-house AI capabilities amid growing competition.

As technology continues to advance, the integration of sophisticated AI capabilities into everyday devices is not just a competitive advantage but a necessity. Samsung’s strategic consolidation and hire of Murat Akbacak signify a bold step towards enhancing user experience and innovating within the AI space. This move holds promise for exciting developments that could redefine how consumers interact with technology, making it more intuitive and personalised.
Dudu, BTW Reporter

Samsung Electronics has unveiled plans to consolidate its North American research efforts into a new entity, the North America AI Centre, and has appointed former Apple executive Murat Akbacak to lead the initiative.

Samsung steps up AI game with strategic moves

Samsung Electronics has announced a strategic reorganisation in its North American operations, consolidating its research centres in Toronto, Canada, and Mountain View, California, into a unified entity named the North America AI Centre. This restructuring is intended to enhance operational efficiency and focus Samsung’s efforts on developing its proprietary artificial intelligence technologies.

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Akbacak’s appointment signifies a significant strategic shift

Murat Akbacak, a former Apple executive renowned for his pivotal role in shaping Siri’s strategy and advancing Apple’s conversational AI capabilities, has been appointed to lead the newly formed North America AI Centre. This move underscores Samsung’s determination to bolster its AI capabilities internally, leveraging Akbacak’s expertise in personalisation and contextualisation.

Samsung’s bold move amidst AI competition

Samsung’s decision to consolidate and strengthen its AI research capabilities reflects a broader trend among tech giants to assert dominance in the rapidly evolving AI landscape. While Apple has made strides with its proprietary AI developments showcased at WWDC24, Samsung aims to reduce dependence on external platforms like Google Gemini, positioning itself competitively in the AI-driven consumer technology market.

Opinion: A personal perspective on Samsung’s AI leap

Seeing Samsung’s bold move to establish its North America AI Centre and bring on board someone like Murat Akbacak from Apple is incredibly exciting. It’s not just about competition; it’s about witnessing firsthand how innovation in AI can reshape our daily interactions with technology. Samsung’s commitment to developing in-house AI capabilities reflects a deep-seated belief in pushing boundaries and delivering more intuitive, personalised experiences to users worldwide. This initiative holds promise not only for Samsung’s growth but also for the broader advancement of AI technology across industries.

The future of AI and Samsung’s role

Samsung’s strategic steps to strengthen its AI capabilities through the North America AI Centre and the appointment of Murat Akbacak underscore a pivotal moment in tech innovation. By investing in internal expertise and focusing on user-centric AI development, Samsung is poised to redefine consumer technology experiences. This proactive approach not only enhances competitiveness but also sets a precedent for how companies can leverage AI to drive meaningful advancements in the digital age.


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